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Debbie Taylor Nov 2018
so fragile
     like glass
destined to shatter
     but when the sun catches her eye
nothing else matters
Debbie Taylor Aug 2017
every now and again
start to appear
along the edges
of our carefully constructed
and for a brief moment
shines through
instead of revelling in it
we shiver
and hastily repair our worlds
God forbid
we actually
Debbie Taylor Aug 2017
the only
that counts
is running
out of time
Debbie Taylor Jul 2017
our lives
testing limits
wrestling faith
questioning wisdom
pondering existence
all in an effort
to make
of it
Debbie Taylor Jul 2017
order beats chaos
but chaos eats order
for breakfast
a little light humour...
Debbie Taylor Jun 2017
her eyes reflected a distant sky
beautiful but bereft of warmth
years of toiling
in an unforgiving landscape
took its toll on her
slowly changing her
until a cold blue hue
radiated from her pores
a freak storm separated her
from her kind
and she was left battling
the wind and waves
on her own
as wave
after gigantic crushing wave
pummeled her
again and again
she sank below
almost ready to succumb
but in the depth of despair
deep down in her soul
she found the strength to survive
and something else
an ability of sorts
she was able to shield herself
from the violence of the storm
and raise herself above the waves
she wrapped herself in a cocoon
storm raging outside
absolute calm inside
absolute focus
she looked beyond the storm
but it had swept her from all she knew
she found herself
in a vastly different place
everything unknown
she buried her birth place in her heart
and embraced this new world fully
in this place she healed
herself and others
always helping
never harming
it was almost as if she was atoning
but never reaching
the point of full atonement
she was not from here
but she was
based on a dream I had the other night, I'm still trying to remember the whole dream... it was vivid and completely Alien
Debbie Taylor May 2017
will create
of us all
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