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tae Feb 2018
i keep my lips zipped close.
people judge me, don't they?
at least, that's all i hear.
the whispers of judgement,
and i'm scared.
tae Feb 2018
love is like a band-aid,
that you'll never want
to ever, ever take off.
even at your worst
days, your love
is there. shining,
like the brightest
tae Feb 2018
tears fall, up against the wall
my demons are down the hall.
tonight i need a friend, to stay
and tell me, "it's okay."
tae Jan 2018
i want to speak so many things,
but i feel like people will judge.
judge my mind, my whole being.
i'm human too, aren't i? it's just
difficult for me to express,
what i want to say.
that's all.

— The End —