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Apr 2018 · 342
A Hamlet of Herefordshire
David Barr Apr 2018
The horse and cart slowly meander along the cobbled village lane,
as smoke projects her pungent and spiraling emissions from thatched rooves - casting her grey contrast as she penetrates the menacing darkness and caresses the trees of the ancient forest, in her journey of elemental consummation.
Rotten teeth, debauchery and tankards of ale abound at the candle-lit inn, where the curvaceous ******* and buttocks of the wanton ***** are roughly groped in medieval lust.
Her shrieks of surprise are an expression of unleashed restraint, that release a shower of blazing embers of interconnectedness, which prohibitively fertilise the barren land of depleted social mores.
Let us now share explicit and superstitious tales around the crackling moonlight fire tonight, as the screech of the owl shatters the eerie silence of Olde English folklore.
Look at the children as they gaze wondrously with sleepy eyes and open mouths, in a state of nocturnal slumber.
The tension is tangible.
Long live the King.
Sep 2016 · 622
David Barr Sep 2016
What is matter?
Is it defined by a mere substance?
Or, is it more accurately depicted within the context of sincere appreciation or concern?
As a lost lyric may be likened to a tragedy within the context of literary expression, so the dampness of ancient Sanskrit wells has led me to embrace a repelling submission to the wrath of our various gods.
Like an elliptical clause, the pattern and logic of this specific subject exposes the ghastly genitalia of wanton and grammatical genius.
Yet, how flamboyant are your philosophies?
Let us now sink into unfathomable depths of celestial mud and congratulate ourselves in the name of hollow epistemology and  arrogant uncertainty.
Sep 2016 · 645
Galactical Sado-Masochism
David Barr Sep 2016
Let us walk across hot coals with a spiritual guide, where somber chords heartily communicate a joyous morbidity - chanting forbidden licentiousness in the name of dilapidated psychological constructs.
Can I have permission to delve into the unfathomable abyss of your kaleidoscopic soul?
As we claim to have spun quite the web of deceit in our contemporary societal fabric of advancement, then let us now join hands in celebration around this presumed magic circle, ensuring that connection between the dampness of our soul and pleasurable resentment is not divorced from the ghastly genitalia of grammatical deviance.
Jun 2016 · 554
Ophthalmic Rituals
David Barr Jun 2016
Your beautiful iris reminds me of a captivating and ancient ice-age.
So, haste ye back to the final origins of the beginning and blink tears from those heavy ducts where chords are a warm and rhythmic expression of your audible silence.
This democratic estate has been compartmentalised and displayed for all to purchase.
Therefore, let us now ***** watchtowers in cross-cultural locations of diminished Gaelic solidarity and submit our souls to the spectres of haunted forests.
How mystical is your awareness, my friend of questionable statements. I lavish your growth in fertile soils, where explanations lay bare their very soul to the wrath of the gods.
Cast it outward and share the spoils of the spell, because sound can be kicked in a forward direction.
Oh, brazen star, I worship your stealth amidst this universal parade of elocutionist conquistadors.
Draw your sword in the rising mist of the dawn and let us nakedly parade around fires of fertility.
Jun 2016 · 644
Comical Mortality
David Barr Jun 2016
Your choreography reminds me of chicken soup which has been adulterated with amphetamines, with a burlesque twist.
If you believe in mother Earth, then come back and engage in intellectual discourse and physiological ******* where silent assassins are unable to infiltrate our borders.
Like a triple-x expressive disorder, I only have one question: Who is our assumed Emperor?
It's like a feline expression of extravagant and classical awareness.
So, how sealed is your fate within this lonely, yet busy road, of cosmic dualism?
Mysteries are dripping from your hair, like a conglomerate of tantalising expectations which yet remain to be unfulfilled.
Jun 2016 · 521
Being and Nothingness
David Barr Jun 2016
As she perches upon the precipice of validation and despair, let us explore things at a deeper level where the surface sheds her scaly and silent veneer and ripples her catastrophic being within silent and societal expectations of silent rage and peristalsis.
Awareness and denial are ancient beings who collide in the face of legitimacy, as the rhythm of darkness has encapsulated my astral being.
Yet, I now have permission to roam plateaus which cast their geographical contours far beyond horizons of cosmological insight.
I love your texture.
Jun 2016 · 616
David Barr Jun 2016
I can taste the dark ancestry of ghastly dreams where cloven hooves and flickering flames dance along the castle hallways in ritualistic celebration; and I love the night, where haunting apparitions caress my slippery soul and tantalise my deepest fears.
Listen to the grandfather clock, as its hypnotically audible awareness transports our being to a myriad of dusty volumes upon the ancient shelves of a Golden Dawn.
Owls are beautiful creatures of nocturnal stealth.
Yet, the beginning is nothing more than the end, in her deceptive disguises.
Although their are eight points to her identity, Ishtar has innumerable expressions. Therefore, attempts to domesticate are futile.
Let us now invoke ancient daemons and engage in the wisdom of counsel, as we remain awake and share our confessions.
Men are visual creatures.
May 2016 · 705
The Dawn of Doomsday
David Barr May 2016
Relationships are integral if we are ever to regain sensible rule in our sovereign jurisdiction.
The issue is not related to race or religion, but to the management of risk.
So, let us never relinquish our rights, and now recover our democracy in the referendum, in conjunction with our Magna Carta.
Autonomy may balance upon the brink of a seemingly united dictatorship, where the masses of mockery are obscured by the sophisticated dynasty of death.
However, the acclamation of pooled sovereignty is a mere federal fantasy which encapsulates her citizens within a shroud of licentious slavery.
Therefore, in this Eurocratic and transatlantic partnership where trade and investment are presumed to be of utmost importance, let us not dismiss the realities of our people, within this current climate of progressive and certain cataclysm.
Curtains are bi-directional.
Apr 2016 · 620
A Fear of the Void
David Barr Apr 2016
Extravagance is characterised by the excessive expenditure of materialistic resources, where those unbridled lusts of the masses have catapulted our anthropological status from an initial experience of innocence and ****** us forth into a debauched state of relativistic and allegedly progressive utopia.
Can I now be reborn into unknown astrological pastures of yesteryear, where time and space confine themselves to boundless parameters and cosmological streams trickle beyond black holes?  
Droplets of our soul are seeping through the cracks of superfluous constellations.
Having been admonished to merely adhere to instructions, it is worth giving consideration to the possibility that we may simply lack accurate realisation.
Yet, the anatomy of integrity is contextual and is juxtaposed with popular and palatable propagandist dogma.
Therefore, although the nature of reality is ever-changing, there is a pattern of non-conforming adherence which spans those artistic ages of presumed literary and oratorical genius.
We know that defense mechanisms are dichotomous, as they may ward off personally undesirable experiences – yet they can also inadvertently champion the cause for solitary confinement.
As we unwrap this explosive socio-political gift, let us reach across the infinite gap and radically accept the folly of what is deemed to be prestigious.
Let us now make a record.
Saturn has rings.
Feb 2016 · 1.1k
David Barr Feb 2016
Our bilingual illiteracy and contemporary expression of vintage infancy remind me of developmentally mature eccentricities within a complex haven of interpersonal dynamics.
Just like a carnival hall of mirrors, our perceptual disturbances succumb to elaborate revelations and dreadful expositions of what we presume to be articulate prose.
Although the socio-political roots of a seductive striptease may shatter the silence of our audible and urban ecosystems, we can now access realms which connect to the severance of divided collusion.
Our galaxy has established her infinite story, in the same manner as a wrought iron gate interferes with the evidence within our contemporary society.
It is just like an alternate universe.
Feb 2016 · 405
The Production of Progress
David Barr Feb 2016
The ancient future of a misbegotten conception is likened to a diametrically opposed depersonalisation of incarnate resilience, don’t you think?
Although the far reaching corners of the end resound her mystically alluring and pessimistic chords across galactical ponds of ecstatic connection which are currently unable to establish the depths of vocabulary; can we now consider the possibility of becoming mindful of our present moment of uncertain awareness, where forbidden dreams shed their lubricated skins in a mass ******* where consummated liberty is alleged to loose her bonds of socio-political confinement?
Nightfall has now dawned and cast her circle in this ignorant awakening of insulted intelligence.
Knowledge has perceptual degrees of boundless limitation, where regulation and relinquishment bow their soul in reverence to a spirit of learning beyond that which we have been taught, if this makes sense?
Jan 2016 · 482
The Beauty of Our Beast
David Barr Jan 2016
The cushioned fabrics of early sensorimotor expression placate the salivating ghouls of formative destinations which lurk at the neurological gates of repulsive awareness - stripping our fragments and revealing the cellular walls of repelling invitation.
Unfortunately, each surpassing second dictates her significance across zones and frequencies, while we succumb to the arduous process of being ignorantly unwrapped and unleashed into the bountiful emptiness of insight.
That’s life.
In this crude and psychological pre-operational stage of misplaced trust, we are pressing against cosmological forces, into the realms of internalised experiences where the veneer is eventually understood to be characterised by utmost deception.
Let us become formal amidst this abstract projection into harsh environments where the donning of masks can no longer be undertaken with sincerity.
Here, my universal being of connected severance, is the gorgeous discovery of abhorrence.
Like I said: it is the beauty of our beast.
Dec 2015 · 1.8k
Freedom of Speech
David Barr Dec 2015
My living disposition leads me to assert that I am not dead!
Yet, my silence screams ancient transcriptions across geographical contour lines which are considered to be far removed from the metaphorical grid of contemporary societal norms, where the seductions of the vampyre and her haunting dynamics cast their eerie spells within this captivating fishbowl of galloping horses.
The Prince of Wallachia is able to explain.
Let us converse with The Count.
Whenever there is emphasis upon specific detail in this age of certain vanity, I find that, in 1456, I am truly bereft of valedictorian and flamenco odours, because this royal prince of acoustic arrangement has generated a harmonious expression which humbly corrects my intrapersonal assumptions across the mountainous regions of Transylvania.
Conflict resolution is therefore a mere figment of sociological and anthropological constructs, which fornicate with the façade of egocentrism and fabricates vain attempts to maintain social elitism within a blanket of darkness.
How do we find ourselves in the position of being so diametrically opposed to reality?
David Barr Nov 2015
The quest for both burial and resurrection are significant, as their flickering shadows of the self-depreciatory abyss chant their silent and hauntingly audible presence under the canopy of the ancient forest.
Let us celebrate the night together, as we are traumatically enveloped within an exposed and dialectical pronunciation during this classical and acoustic daylight romance.
Although I truly hate your love, I also reject your evident indifference.
This is the essence of feeling like a fake within the genuineness of our actual and perceived realities.
It is heaven-sent, like a feathered breed of unresolved investigations within our socio-political climate of assumed advancement, where the intensity of the beat gyrates her percussionist hips across ******* expressions of the cosmological sound barrier.
Concurrently, the tangible rhythm of nature’s pulse considerately consummates her forcefully placid interactions within the context of gender specific diversity.
It is all in the name of discriminatory wholeness, my friend.
Our ambivalent connectedness to that which is catastrophically uncertain reminds me of drawing curtains across this conglomerate dawn of darkness and uninhibited concealment.
Just look at our ornithological formation, where leadership spreads her wings with censored zoological resignations and simplistic wisdom.
You have truly lifted my soul within the complexity of this circuitry, and I wholeheartedly acknowledge that we are a myriad of expressions which cannot be adequately articulated within the thermals of our cosmological stratosphere.
Yet, there is a certain finesse to delinquency, and I have bridged the metaphorical gap across the chasm of divided entities, where we can embrace the cool and gentle breeze right at the fulcrum of unforgiving landscapes and shamanic pastures.
Like an artistic depiction of woodland serenity, we are engaged in this wonderful neutrality where it is all about the dance – otherwise known as the energy of modern choreography.
Epistemology can be questionable, where assumptions are sickeningly grounded within the soil of egocentric perceptions of supremacy.
Trust me, my seasoned partner of those astral plains of Nirvana: my lips are sealed in this putrid reconciliation of proclaimed opposites, which are said to mutually attract.
David Barr Oct 2015
To raise a seagull would be no small task – do you know why?
Because both you and I are not seagulls.
If an individual is perceived to be revolting, then the question arises as to whether non-conformity or debasement are the identifiable issue.
Like those cheapened activities which are secretly laid bare within the hotel hallways of Sin City, my immeasurable and baron liaisons have also been revolted by scorpion-like stings, as the wind promotes her seductive and tantalising thoughts through the brushwood of Autumnal celebrations around the vicinity of Nevada.
It is important to understand that the fullness of sound involves the synchronicity of isolated connectedness, and that we validate both the message and the messenger.
Balancing acceptance and change is horribly attractive.
Do you know why, my reciprocal affiliation of that which is considered to be humanity?
For that which is conceived, formed and reproduced within the solar system of Nirvana is not so readily articulated within the parameters of epistemology.
Aren’t ornithology and psychology both flighty?
David Barr Sep 2015
Show me the forbidden petals of your dark side, where enlightenment pulsates with her superior intellectual reliance upon rationalism.
What are the parameters of absolutism and relativism in this age, where I have discoursed with austere figures of the debased brotherhood?
Can you wrap your fingers around the girth of societal modernity, and stroke the length of paradoxical sophistication where philosophical death displays her unfathomable depths?
I have found resolution to this mathematical perplexity amidst our blatantly secret desert storm, where the cosmological clock ceases to denote her tick beyond the circumference of our interior sociology.
Looking back to the future – what do you think of your first love?
As we gather in the sacred circle around ancient and dreamy wishes, the spectres of dark forests are worthy of homage on this calendar season of historical significance.
Limp, is the phallus of political rectitude.
There is something beautifully menacing about the sound of bass drums, especially whenever there is a cultural context.
Do you know why? Because, they are connected to the melody and harmony, where the fullness of ontology is climactic in its lofty debasement.
Sep 2015 · 938
Our Protective Sanatorium
David Barr Sep 2015
The coldness of my unleashed disinhibitions have gracefully succumbed to the wisdom of cosmological forces, despite my ravenous salivations for all that is vehemently forbidden.
As I bark inside the relief of this solitary pound of articulated and socialised liberty, like an expression of abstract artistry within an ethical mudslide; I continue to teeter upon geographical tightropes which span unforgiving terrains across the ancient divides of propriety, where the baron plains of deuterocanonical origin are populated by restless spirits with gnashing teeth.
So, if they could ever be personified, I could easily butcher a myriad of depravities which tangibly characterise my inner Astarte and Ishtar demons – although, such an event would have to occur after we have engaged in a myriad of abominations where raunchy and indulgent copulations shamefully expose our brazen wantonness to animalistic inclinations.
Never offer to tie me down.
Restriction diametrically opposes my socially skilled yet nomadic being, as it sojourns across a psychedelic array of vibrant gardens, and weaves through present pathways which are timeless in their being.
It just is.
That is the essence of ontology.
Can we ever effectively contemplate the philosophies of predetermination and predestination?
As I am not dichotomous in my thinking, there is a legitimate place for being an omnivore within the walls of our societal fabric.
Although I radically accept that of which I do not approve, the psychology of ambivalence has led me to raise questions around the validity of horticulture.
My clock has melted down the flamboyance of those multicolored mountainsides of being and nothingness.
Sep 2015 · 767
Origins of the Point
David Barr Sep 2015
This ceremonial façade is likened to an ancient folklore which has been dipped in forbidden secretions, even though my arts are sincerely darkened to unfathomable depths of surprised and ambidextrous naiveté.
I have constructed the choreography of this metaphysical dance, which lingers on the brink of sociological pronunciations, and where the liberty of gargoyles spew their fluid projections from lofty heights across the four directions of our moralistic city walls, where magnetised needles ***** my soul with the earth-shattering clarification of true north.
I love to sit in the dark and to be enlightened, as the eerie silence bellows her validity across trans-national sanctions, where the fallacy of liberation is juxtaposed with a socio-political and fetishistic confinement.
I believe that classical infidelity is like a beautiful Gothic cathedral where silent rage has an ebb and flow which is not easily ascertained amongst our sub-cultural and contemporary cohorts, where dynamic equilibrium truly encapsulates the co-existence of opposites, which are said to attract.
So, as we gather in the menacing serenity of the dark forests, where geography marks her ancient alignments from sunrise to sunset; can we now pray and give homage to the spirits of history, in this underground finesse of paradoxical equilibrium?
I love democracy, as she gyrates her sensual community wantonness on this conveyer belt, where the vital functions of our organism slink into sleepy cessations of universal structures where causality releases her excitatory expressions of organic physiology.
David Barr Sep 2015
There exists a mystical and quadruple representation of words, which is likened to a dictatorial Superstate, where translation is subject to that which is spoken, heard, written and read within the context of trans-national capitalism.
As we gaze from beyond the glow of the pulsating circumference, we can humbly acknowledge the ludicrous predicament of the many who are ruled by the few.
The parameters of this earthen citizenship may be somewhat characterized by embracing the perceived benefits of the system and a state of financially intoxicated anosognosia. However, as we traverse this metaphysical cataclysm where the majority votes of public arrangement diametrically oppose absolute law and that which is deemed to be reasonable; our compulsory co-operation self-regulates with a cardiovascular beat of semantic propaganda and monopolized dissention, where the relinquished rights of our revered forefathers have been re-written by coercive legislators in the name of socio-political equality.
The philosophy of meaning and political expression both buries into and removes her gorgeous face from the cuniform textures of Sahara catacombs, where we ****** relate and disengage from the **** with tyranny.
Aug 2015 · 538
Autumnal Cycles
David Barr Aug 2015
The blackened eyes of the distressed mare bulge from her cranial vortex, as she gallops through the darkened labyrinths of hades.
If you can cast your mind back like a fish on the end of a rod, to those earth-shattering moments where the sensitivity of our taste buds  in earlier childhood echoed across urban geographical contours.
Are you able to recollect the quality of those apostolic and culinary delights which were not divorced from the prints of contemporary issues which lay bare their scars upon our very hands?
It was all about the roll.
Yet, we have levitated and projected along secure boundaries where our silver chord has never failed us.
The sound of diesel locomotives are relatively hypnotic. Therefore, permit us to swear oaths upon this Celtic altar where the annals of history depict their runes upon the precipice of haunted equestrianism in "the back".
The beat of North America is mundane and predictable.
When we piece it altogether, we have a beautiful array of anthropological tragedy, with a subservient twang...if that makes any sense?
Aug 2015 · 520
Joined At The Hip
David Barr Aug 2015
Oh, to be cradled in the arms of a stringed quartet, where ancient phantoms tickle forbidden structures and intertwine with my wandering spirit across baron regions of the netherworld.
As the fallacy of alleged progress warms the darkest graves with ambivalent laughter, I now ask for your permission to caress your slippery soul as it seeks to slide into cosmological inertia.
Articulation of the Algerian torso punctuates the pervasive sanctuary where seduction of the King resonates with my Arabic woodwind instruments.
Therefore, let us embrace under the canopy of Ashtoreth, as her velvet hours are forever shortening like the contemporary expressions of a wanton Eve.
Jun 2015 · 654
Trans-Plutonian Space
David Barr Jun 2015
In this Order of Eastern Templars, I cannot help but feel that my guardian angel has departed.
Yet, I can feel the summoning power of her fluttering wings as they soar upon the celestial thermals of my inferior and frontal-lobular cognitive pathways.
There truly is a difference between magic and magick.
Having heard the echoes of menacing footsteps as they confidently follow the antiquarian hallways of Celtic castles, it is important that we cast our circles amidst this tantric ritual of ****** prowess.
Accessing the alternate universe is not dissimilar to a philosophical and mathematical manifestation of ambivalence.
David Barr Jun 2015
Let us contemplate the superiority of striking presumption, as it seeks to pontificate the order of architectural allegiance.
Oh, Grand Master of Greco-Roman antiquity, I bow before the sacred volumes of legal pronouncement where unseen rituals tangibly assert their authority over those who seek to embrace the ancient pathways of knowledge.
As the degrees of freedom transcend the definition of a mere mathematical concept, we must never forget the formulations of our Hellenistic forefathers who chiselled the shape of the Order into the annals of the future.
As we give thanks to Set, we acknowledge the blindfolded ceremonies of sibling homicide which encourage wisdom in this circular lodge of self-binding.
Harpocrates is our God of silence who gained sustenance from feminine anatomical structures – and we are like Isis who has been impregnated by Osiris.
So, as we cast our gaze beyond the rites of this ****** union, let us acknowledge those ***** masonry structures of obelisk stability.
Have you been born yet?
Jun 2015 · 627
In Our Age of Austerity
David Barr Jun 2015
It is necessary that we mourn the loss of courageous and liberal oratory genius, which has articulated wisdom across socio-economical strata within the echelons of aristocratic deception.
Our reason is characterised by far-reaching shores which lie beyond the predictability of Northern terrains within the clearances of a steadfast spirit.
Therefore, listen to the conference of autumnal foliage, as they cast their biopsychosocial formalities, which crackle upon the European political pathways upon which we traverse.
I love your red roots, which unravel a bouquet of scandalous refreshment where percentile volume is consumed within the glass of a bared soul.
Resolution is likened to a scientifically twelve-stringed classical portrayal of integrity.
Let us not forget the appetites of those predators, who feast upon defamation of character.
A coalition is an alliance of various parties who converge into an eclectic conglomerate, where the credibility of your being rests in the jaws of a seductive vampire.
So, as we travel across this conveyor belt of dismissed proclamation, we must acknowledge and embrace our unleashed restraint.
David Barr May 2015
The spirochetes of the ages embellish themselves in a mystical quartet, as our respirations reverberate across sanctimonious plateaus of Oedipus and Electra complexes.
Your celestial convictions are tasteful as they wistfully meander through the fuselage of hydrangea bushes and ***** foxgloves.
I can feel the beat of your apprehensive pulse.
As we applaud the demise of this psychological stage-show, where connected separations unravel their shameful mysteries into a vortex of deluded academia; it is evident when someone communicates deep convictions across pulsating swamps of cosmological hemispheres.
So, as we merge into this cataclysmic vortex of enshrinement, let us embrace the past understanding of future ambivalence where the beginning can only be understood within the context of the end.
May 2015 · 431
The Cycle of Garden Growth
David Barr May 2015
The action of a stiff-upper-lipped sophistication hinges upon a fornicators conception where the intensity of lyrical articulation blinds her unwitting recipient with a spellbinding embracement of non-reality.
It is an aristocratic relinquishment where two barrels emit their projections with wilful intent as they posture themselves side-by-side amidst this gothic oasis of shimmering puddles which reflect light against the darkness of our ontological ambivalence.
It goes without saying: duplication is grievous to the creativity of a searching soul.
As death has been birthed into our lives, it is important to pay homage to our predecessors who began the end with conception.
David Barr May 2015
Will history ever alter her ego across the seven seas of my swelling heart?
I love your unkempt hair, as it reminds me of a slippery ghost with unfathomable locks within the bounds of gender usurpation.
I must now make contact with my forefathers who hearken from ancient pastures of nether region mysteries.
As we balance freedom with permission, we can abandon ourselves to economic conundrums where we shake hands with our master.
I love your blackened pupils as they remind me of a casual vortex which seductively spirals into the abyss.
Lost authenticity has been retrieved.
David Barr Apr 2015
Like a Victorian harlot who wears long-sleeved velvet gloves, her ghostly fingers tantalised the trigger of my ancient dreams, where vulnerability paraded herself with a boisterous demeanour.
However, my friend, the eyes are the window of our aching souls.
So, as we balance upon this verge of hypnotic entrancement, it is vital that we pay homage to the plants of the dark forests.
Just like the canopy parade of parental ambivalence where suppressions assert their course fumbling of contemporary controls, the atmospheric silence is deafening.
As I have already mentioned, the dichotomy of equality has slid herself up and down upon the phallus of historical expectations and self-abandonment, don’t you think?
Now, the frontier beckons us with her harsh legitimacies, so we must never forget the power of the diviner’s sage as she leads her flocks beyond the parameters of perception.
Can we now have an immediate discussion?
Apr 2015 · 753
Lunar Embarrassment
David Barr Apr 2015
As we run with this extravagant hunt, donned in fine apparel, our forefathers are said to be effectively communicated through the aristocratic echelons of our contemporary excuse of societal connectedness.
However, my meridians ache with this eternally echoing façade, where those insignificant mongers of presumed energy exert their influence and pronounce fabrications of various and mystical cravings.
Therefore, it is important to understand those infantile proclamations, which are inert in their inarticulate and disengaging philosophies.
The sheer magnetism of our awkward interactions is not dissimilar to a child who has been caught in the midst of a forbidden action.
It is all about tidal hemispheres, don’t you think?
Apr 2015 · 652
The Rise of Baal
David Barr Apr 2015
Provocation is irksome to the humble soul who is incited to cross those conventional norms with ferocious and lustful pursuits.
As we summon the ancient souls of the abyss through questionable mediums, I am truly disappointed by the lack of authenticity.
My roots are important to me.
Therefore, let us move beyond this childish and cryptic crossroad where curses are said to have been released before the sight of those who presume to have been summoned.
The experience of deviance will never be divorced from a state of dissociation, where sincere possession withstands the empty assertions of rationalism and intellectualism.
The scientific futility of violence is an enigma.
Although the ritualistic consumption of various ****** fluids is a characteristic of ceremonial magic, I am unaware of that black light which flickers her forbidden permissions within the deepest recesses of my damp and historical ontology.
My dawn of golden equations is sympathetic to the threefold chiming of the bells.
Apr 2015 · 482
Deplorable Salvation
David Barr Apr 2015
Pupils that were once constricted are not prohibited from running backwards towards the beginning of the end, where it is possible to rediscover the pathway which leads in a forward direction.
Have you ever received new shoes and permitted your attention to be captivated by the end of a desirable carriage as she meanders her way into the distance of nostalgic regret and bypassed opportunity?
How resentfully blissful is the reality of fantasy as she unfolds her callous plots and recommendations in the face of embryonic visions of legitimacy.
Let us take heed to our every step, as the clock mechanically communicates her loud reminders of presumption.
Incense may or may not have burned in our walls with glowing prohibition, whilst sorcery lays bare her blatant fornications.
As we engage in this dichotomous game of chess, let us now discuss the outcome, my toxic companion of allegiance.
Apr 2015 · 743
Alternative Currents
David Barr Apr 2015
I can taste the flow of your brazen energy, as it meanders like an electrical impulse which spans recollected dimensions of distal awareness.
Although we are neither flat-lined nor spiking in our electromagnetic throbbing, that mystical union of physiological members displays the blatancy of our connected conquistadors.
It is important to embrace the promise on the banks of hydrological cycles without fusion of both commodities.
Like an interference pattern which is undiscernible in its direction, we are in a stable rhythm.
Apr 2015 · 946
Taking the High Road
David Barr Apr 2015
Wrap my slithering soul in layers of wanton and historical bark, where dendrochronology branches her gorgeously captivating system of vascular cambium and seals me within the vice of her vengeful caress.
History has truly borne witness to the brigand of robbers who interfered with travellers in the depths of the forest of aristocratic whoredom.
I am buried underneath chords of feminine expression, where the synthesis of bass, melody and harmony unite into an unspeakable realm which cannot be interrupted by parallel expressions of sterility.
Your carriage awaits, Madame.
Apr 2015 · 1.2k
A Profile of Misplaced Trust
David Barr Apr 2015
A thick veil is sensually wrapped across the face of those presumed intellectual and spiritual insights, and heightens the awareness of your sublime intrigue.
It truly is a paradise lost, where ancient illusions continue to tickle my raging nostalgia with eager anticipations of forbidden refreshments.
Yet, I am not unaware of the concealment of those predictable and ludicrously mystical allurements, which you so proudly pronounce across those who are deemed to be inferior to your supremacy.
How trivial are your so-called strategies, as you are always captured after an effortless and psychological pursuit.
Therefore, how adept are you, thinkest thou, in your futile system of narcissism?
Vanity is a deplorable emptiness which scoffs at those who are deemed to be subservient to the lofty heights of your utmost divorce from reality.
The definition of a delusion is a fixed and false belief.
We have now constructed a picture where the application of this psychological veil exposes your profound ugliness.
Apr 2015 · 1.2k
A Psychological Mortuary
David Barr Apr 2015
How ghastly are those camouflaged and articulated presumptions, which are evidenced by their catastrophic and interpersonal lifelessness?
It is bad for business, when silent screams echo throughout the depths of unfathomable anguish and cross the mysterious canopy of dendrology.
You may have failed to recollect that fried eggs are not dissociated from electrical riffs nor uninvited objects which force their way through open windows.
My hunger was sincerely naïve as it surfed the waves of paternal mockery.
Therefore, take caution, as you pass those nocturnal insects which flutter their feeble wings in the corner of Glaswegian crevices with intimidating powerlessness.
Mar 2015 · 887
Meteorological Sensuality
David Barr Mar 2015
Can you feel the caress of the Northern wind, as it screeches across the baron plateau of the anthropological crack and strokes the contours of your oily façade?
The slippery blackness of this gale interferes with the propagation of ambivalent feminine intertwines.
Herbal remedies have cast their fragrance into the arms of Ashtoreth.
Therefore, you must now investigate the callous and empathic chords of my legitimacy, and I promise to blend my classical resonance with your deplorable soul.
If this is a public inquiry, then I must set sail from the dock and traverse unchartered horizons, with my tank filled with the required fuel.
Let us placate the earth, together as we unleash extravagant ceremonies of ****** ferocity.
We have swam across the laughter of the Sea of Clouds in this lunar expression of divorce.
Mar 2015 · 1.5k
The Stalker of Souls
David Barr Mar 2015
There are certain gradations of evil within our tragic yet beautiful cosmological vacancy.
As there are particular typologies, we must not allow ourselves to be infatuated with ex-partners nor allow ourselves to succumb to the temptations of delusional sadism.
Do you exhibit dangerous characteristics within this antisocial and eclectic blend of euphoric ambivalence?
Let us make arrangements for a special room in this forensic hotel of diversity where criminality can slice across the vistas of humanitarian presumption, like a psychological autopsy.
Everything is not as it may appear to be.
That, my friend, is the finesse of humanitarian deception.
Welcome to the brotherhood.
Mar 2015 · 1.9k
Vicarious Traumatisation
David Barr Mar 2015
Let us mine into the depths of Shakhty, and scorn the Western state of communist superintendence.
We are embroiled in a political and industrial conglomerate where cold wars lay the foundations of unstoppable monstrosities.
Converse with Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo, as you splatter milk across the surface of your psychological cereal, and raise questions around the episodic nature of criminal profiling.
I love the olfactory beauty of a railway station, whose stench is dissimilar to the pastures of raunchy and deadly opportunities which result in Rostov butchery.
Nevertheless, it is rooted in crop failure and the enforced collectivization of agriculture.
Mar 2015 · 1.1k
An Equestrian Sensation
David Barr Mar 2015
The figment of a naïve imagination is likened to a complex system of underground roots.
How elaborate are your projected destinations?
The pathway is not dissimilar to that of one where angels fear to tread.
I have borne witness to flourishing palm trees as they float on their desert islands across planetary divides where the blue whale ***** her powerful wings across the atmospheres of dreamy lunar memories, galloping towards the origins of infinity.
I am grateful that the ancient spectre resides within the deep seated split of our sophisticated inertia.
Can I now pollinate your petals, where witches cast their spells beyond the castle walls and where the mare wanders in the depths of the forest?
David Barr Mar 2015
Our destination is not northbound, as we hasten through those dreary woodlands where teardrops explode like incendiary regrets into deep puddles of misplaced trust and the awareness of lost opportunity.
You presume to be a pupil of the teachings of Horus.
I can see those excavations within the darkened cavities of your eyes.
The evidence of hieroglyphic ambiguity has unfolded her rich deposit of convenient and tidal avoidance.
Therefore, let us swim to Kepler and ride those sonic ripples beyond the unraveled and ancient texts of Nekhen.
The harlot has spread her wings, and the nerves twitch inside our optic vulnerability at the power of her seductive prowess.
As it is possible to have sight without vision, I express my animistic gratitude to the cosmos, where detachment from the socket of Atum is connection to infinity.
The writing is on the wall.
David Barr Mar 2015
Do I have permission to board your train of unequivocal resilience, as we waltz into the aromatic contours of an Arabian illusion?
Letters have been written in the annals of predictive history as we slide down those astrological poles of heightened depravity.
Can you hear the chants of the spiritual forest, where silence screams her prohibited philharmonic octaves throughout the strata’s of seventh heaven?
The spirits of northern tundra have beckoned my weary soul to withstand the tides of obscurity.
What is your name? And, are you a victim of this desert storm of acoustic serenity?
I urge you to remain on the path, because if you ever get lost, then I will not have the privilege of meeting your acquaintance.
That is the sequel of linguistic wealth and intimate resentment.
Mar 2015 · 768
A Romanian Myosotis
David Barr Mar 2015
The enchantment of a chase through the damp forests of Celtic mysticism is a treacherous yet beautiful feature of uncertain anticipation.
Just like the bustle of the contemporary metropolis, with her predictable and hypnotic flow of trans-national capitalism, we are caught within the web of paradoxical liberty.
Thank you for igniting my torch, as I travel across spiritual plateaus where the elements reveal the spirits of the dance.
My torch has brought comfort to those stallions who lead me beyond Hungarian kingdoms where Vlad Dracul continues to reign.
Hastening into the Societas Draconistarum, the wheels of my carriage have lodged themselves into the stoney and tragic tracks of seductive ******.
Please do not forget me.
David Barr Mar 2015
The depths of an ancient forest remind me of an emotional fret board, where the essential oil pulsates her harmonic flow across intellectual biases and drips her captivating secretions of unreasonable discrimination from an interconnected network of fertile branches.
It is systemic in nature, where the vibrational level of subtlety satiates the thirst of the magician in his musical quest for beautiful obscenity, and where primitive percussion summons the spirits of forgotten composures.
It’s like a paradise lost, where plain attire is unexpectedly anticipated and flaunted with proud religious conformity and energetic shame.
How innocent are your malevolent intentions, oh student of silent and auditory aggression?
Your leaves are seductive, as they remind me of a copper tightrope across the chasms of a Western valley where the ground cries out her historical witness of ambivalence.
Although the anatomy of freedom is bound by socio-cultural constraints, it is wise to acknowledge those articulations of psychological politics which conveniently massage the ego into an oily land of aromatherapeutic abandonment.
The herbal essence of artistic projections will never rest, as their intensity resounds throughout the annals of cosmological animism.
I appreciate your openness when we talk, because reverb is a psychoacoustic wonder, where a myriad of pages are chiselled into the annals of our great hall of fame.
David Barr Mar 2015
The exact representation of deception is likened to a delusional cognition which tunnels its way through craggy mountain ecosystems of the prefrontal cortex.
The impairment of your executive functioning is evident, oh grandiose master of self-aggrandisement.
It is now 04.20hrs in the Britannic pastures where desert storms are a figment of extravagant wishes to be recognised.
Although it is charmingly magical to harken to your lunacy, it is mercenary of the battalions to fathom the pathology of your blatant insignificance within the universe of vain imaginations.
Hereford is the base of winning, if you are brazen enough to engage with the feat.
Selah, my psychotic expression of wishful psychopathy.
One more thing: please check your spelling.
Feb 2015 · 626
The Final Verdict
David Barr Feb 2015
The voice of a jury is likened to the sound of a falling pin which shatters the silence of an empty auditorium.
How challenged, do you think, are our sophisticated and deviant ecosystems?
Colorful chords are not dissimilar to our ancient and perpendicular attachments to the transcendental concepts of time and space.
Although our socio-political and oratory genius have confined themselves to the caverns of contemporary debasement, your skin reminds me of a drenched hillside, where meteorological adversities display their historical guilt, whilst the soulful cries of murdered clansmen echo across monumental valleys of geographical distaste.
Look at those majestic ships, as they find their ambivalent salesmanship within the docks of emasculation.
The criminal code of perplexity has revealed her wanton fornication in the peaks and troughs of farmland swell.
I acknowledge the rhythm that is to be appreciated as the waterfall of cosmological infringement dangles her seductive strands of subversive proclamation across the face of justice.
And I wholeheartedly accept your unacceptable suggestions, oh mistress of the abyss.
David Barr Feb 2015
The orchestral and harmonic vocals of monks echo down spiralled and cast-iron staircases to the dungeons of our carefully crafted castle chambers of submission.
It is all in the warmth of our carotid pulse.
Oh delusional salesman of presumed superior status, it is important to acknowledge those spasmodic and physiological celebratory responses which resound like cross-cultural and cosmological anthems within the questionable corridors of fitness to stand trial.
I can feel your quivering pulse.
However, we must recognise that the required reports are not dissimilar to a beautifully carved chicken which is subject to the paradoxically crude and culinary eloquence and deviance of the gleeful pyromaniac.
The geometry of midnight has clearly outlined her symmetrical shapes, which require seasoning and the skillful administration of being quartered.
Chef, can I ask you: is designation superior to our authentic anthropological status?
Feb 2015 · 552
Like The Flight of a Goose
David Barr Feb 2015
How disjointed is our formation, where the robes of the deceased are removed in the ancient catacombs of political espionage in the name of solidarity.
Are the concepts of “meaning” or “definition” limited to the unfathomable parameters of what we call “time”?
I need you to take the lead, where thermals amongst cirrus vertebratus formations generate a sense of lift in our seemingly jointed and articulated society.
Have you ever felt the power of a vice? If you have, then how fictitious is reality?
She is the Spirit of our Age, and the English countryside needs your dark and ghostly shadow.
As the vanity of composure is not dissimilar to a charismatic vortex, I bid you to release my lyrical heart into the stratosphere where proclamations of ambivalent identity understand the nature of sound.
David Barr Feb 2015
The hunter is beautifully horned, and I admire those roots of nature which are suggestive in their depth beyond mere herbalist remedy.
So, remove your robe amidst this prominent woodland rainfall, where the eerie silence echoes her morbid song throughout battlefield plateaus of fungal extravagance.
The Spirits of the North beckon me with their homecoming allurements, where flickering flames cast their captivating shadows across sacrificial altars where the netherworld respects the night.
Shape analysis may cast light upon those geographical lines where energetic geometry casts her undeniable history.
As owls perch upon the turrets of ancient church steeples, our English history is presently encompassed by a living ignorance, where branches are truly laden with meaning.
If you are acquainted with your neighbour, can you turn your head 180 degrees?
David Barr Feb 2015
Vulnerability is characterised by a beautifully ambivalent experience for the majority of anthropological subjects, if the risk is indeed to be embraced.
But, haven’t we already surmounted the impossible ranges of mountainous biopsychosocial corridors in this geographical war against oblivion?
If we have, then let us raise our brazen shields whilst the cheerleading and aristocratic seductress chants her ceremonial and political letters of pronouncement.
Cosmological resistance of physical objects to any change in their sense of motion, speed or direction, is characterised by hilarity.
Yet, what does it matter?
It is likened to bursting forth from a position of submerged freedom of speech, where we must then tread precariously across uncertain ponds.
Stepping out from the metaphorical boat, we can acquaint ourselves with the beauty of The Vocal Artiste and conduct our transaction.
David Barr Feb 2015
Let us refrain from the race against time, in order to avoid surpassing ourselves prior to our birth.
It is not dissimilar to an inarticulate promise, when Corpus Callosum damage interferes with communication strategies between both hemispheres.
In this age of seemingly superior wisdom and unreasonable demand, we must address the question of when we can truly interact.
Emotional are those chords of retirement and defiance in the face of a perplexed fret board.
Can’t you feel the electromagnetic field, where aquatic immersion avoids the accusation of political sharks?
Thankfully, there is a design.
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