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Jay D Apr 2016
I'd be lying if I said I haven't thought of you everyday.
I hear your voice while I'm at work.
I see your smile on the faces of the new women I now make laugh.
Searching for bits and pieces of you,
Of who you used to be,
has become my only hobby.
This is the first thing I've written in 5 years. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
Jay D Jan 2011
The breath that comes from your lungs.
The saliva on your lips.
The taste of your soul,
They all meet the passion on my tongue.
And the thick aroma of our uniting mouths can be smelled cities away.
The smell is caught by young lovers,
Lovers in trees, sharing a first kiss
And it smells like the love of home
The love of kissing a scraped knee
Of holding her hand on the way to class
Of his *** thrusting into your mind...
Making you..
The kind of crazy people only dream of,
The "Movie" kinda crazy
The "Impossible" crazy
The "If only this moment would never end.." ...
But I have questions when I'm with you,
And you answer them all before I ask...
With the breath of your lungs
The saliva on your lips
and the taste
of Your soul.
Jay D Dec 2010
I'm going to hold you.
Love you.
I want to kiss away your tears.
This is not a want, my love.
This is what I need.
From you?
Your smile...your laugh...your lovely eyes and lips.
I need these things.
I need you, love.
I need your love. going to kiss away your tears.
So you'll never feel pain,
or ever want again.
I love you..and it feels like this is it for me.
Or what used to be...of me
And I never wanna go back.
I just need to kiss away your tears, love.
Jay D Nov 2010
It's creepy how good you make me feel.
The way you look at me..
The way you sometimes don't look at me.

It's scary to think I hated you not six months ago.
No not hated..disliked.
(what was wrong with me?)
Where were you?
Where have you been?
And why couldn't we have found each other sooner?

You are...
My Best Friend.
The girl I love.
The girl who I once told to "*******"
and now I say queer things like "I love you."

I say abstract things like:
"Goodmorning my love."
"You are....beautiful, my love."
"You're mine...and I love you."

All these odd phrases come out of my mouth,
because I don't know any better.
And I don't understand what I feel.
For lack of better words the world calls it love.
I hate calling it love.
Love is too commercial...what we have is too natural.
It's not love. It's forever.
...I hope.
Jay D Nov 2010
When I look into your eyes I see the dirt of the troubled path that you've walked,
the fear that you hide,
The many emotions that you feel and often don't express.

When I look into your eyes I see determination and strength,
A craving for something more,
You're many dreams for the future that overwhelm you from time to time.

When I look into your eyes I see warmth and affection,
A deep compassion,
The want to mean something to someone at all times.

When I look into your eyes I see you and I,
A future of happiness,
A love so strong preparing to consume us.
*I did not write this. My girlfriend did.
Jay D Oct 2010
In just one
                 of multiple

                             stairs  (stepping).
This lone Ant isn't much of
                      - all.

[He, Mister Ant, has no rules.]
Jay D Oct 2010
It's funny how we feel so much,
but we cannot say a word.
We are screaming inside,
but we all can't be heard.

It's also funny how you can say something out loud and have it all come out wrong,
but then ten minutes later you'll hear what you feel a song.
The world is a funny place,
a place of warmth and disgrace.
Where you can think so much and never really be heard,
so sometimes it's better to just...not say a word.
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