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dave elliot Feb 2014
If only we had been fearless
Grasped the clouds in our caress
Chased the moon and kissed the sun
Rocked the ocean, became as one
Seized the moment without regret
Dared to play Russian roulette
But when the flashing lightning rolled
We heard the warning bells that tolled
Two timid souls drew apart
Mouth from mouth and heart from heart
To fly like birds to safer shore
And with deep regret we are no more.
dave elliot Feb 2014

I cannot see the moon tonight, but stars sit on my window pane

For Jack has brought his frost tonight and the winds of Thor, at force again

And with his mighty chilling breath, strikes the beggars in the street

And howls his sarcastic laugh when moves the ground beneath their feet

That tremble o’er the freezing snow so deep it buries hedge and fence

No shelter for their brittle bones, their agony immense

And I beside the embers glowing, sit, clad in warmth and cheerfulness

But my heart it walks the cold night streets searching for the weak and homeless.

— The End —