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Darren Koobs Jun 2011
I’m lonely and want you here.
I get nervous and need your words.
I’m terrified and long for shelter.
And sometimes,
I get restless and desire something wild.

I feel laughter and want to share.
I’m happy and want to fuse it in you
I’m content and rest in your embrace.
And sometimes,
Life glows because you are here.

Sometimes happens all the time.
And all my sometimes,
Have you in mind.
Together, all my sometimes
Equal all the time.
That is when I need you.
Darren Koobs Jun 2011
Let me make love to you
With my eyes
Follow every perfect curve
Caress each lovely fold
I want to soak up
Your beauty
Travel along your legs
And study your fingers and toes
I will worship the contours
Of your cheeks
And let the softness of your lips
Tease me into ecstasy
With my eyes I want to love you
Carry you in memory
To fill my thoughts
When you can’t be here
For all of you is perfection
From when we met years ago
To this moment
Much has changed about you
But not one thing at all
You are always perfect
So let my eyes adore you
Let me drink you in
So I will never forget
One perfect detail
Of the body that carries you
Darren Koobs Apr 2011
I stood on the porch tonight and stared into the heavens
The mild darkness and cricket melodies
Took me captive and I couldn’t move or think
The fingers of a midnight breeze tickled my edges
The night was like wine and unlike times before
I drank without objecting, without fear
Of what it would do to me
I should have resisted because before I was aware
I hunted for the Infinite, tried to perceive God
I attempted to span the universe with a thought
But even those twinkles of light are each
More massive than imagination
And I was left to question the sanity of this creation
How do you find a thing your mind can’t define
What can my spirit do when its perceptions
Are limited to five mortal senses
There must be more to life than just existence!
And just as my oceans were getting beyond restless
The midnight breeze and cricket melodies
Beckoned me by name and stilled my waters
And in their voices God said to me
“Child, when you look for me
I will always discover you.”
Darren Koobs Apr 2011
It’s the Sabbath day
Jesus lays entombed
There was no other way
Because forever loomed

It’s the Sabbath day
God has paused his labor
Hardest work was yesterday
It took him to death’s chamber

It’s the Sabbath day
The Devil knows he’s lost
Yet still attempts decay
To ruin what we cost

God chose to be salvation’s slave
Enemy take warning
You killed Christ on Sabbath’s eve
But Sunday morning’s coming!
Darren Koobs Apr 2011
It’s time to be real, time to face facts
We all love a drug, we all have our pills
We all choose addictions to soothe our ills
Trying to forfeit the pain life exacts

Things that we grasp only briefly distract
Behaviors we love that cannot fulfill
Popping bad habits instead of real pills
Making wrong choices, spurning their impact

Devices, entities, actions, can ****
All of creation mayhap abused
No matter your choice, regardless of thrill

We conceive our own monsters
By our own selves we are used
Pills only widen life’s fissures
Darren Koobs Apr 2011
In everything you do,
There is a piece of you.
In every meal you make
With every risk you take
In every grief you feel
With every hurt you heal
In all the joy you give
You taught me how to live.
It’s love that you impart
That has built my heart
Such love you poured so free
Is the love in me
Darren Koobs Apr 2011
Would you stay with me a while
The time we’ll not need to chase
Unto ourselves, our own isle
Let hours slip with no trace

Would you stay with me a while
Just my eyes caress your face
We’ll hold hands in timid style
The outside world you’ll erase

Would you stay with me a while
We’ll talk in forever’s pace
No design; talking freestyle
With gazes and words embrace

Would you stay with me a while
As our youth the years displace
Since lifetimes are just a while
I’ll stash every touch you place
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