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Darling Feb 2021
if a lullaby would bring you back
id sing to you all night
Darling Feb 2021
**** all the dating apps where’s my once in a lifetime love?
kiss in the rain type of love?
take care of me when i’m sick type of love?
sticking with me through anything type of love?
till death do we part type of love?
talk under the stars type of love?
reading a book together type of love?
“just wanted to hear your voice” type of love?
remembering every conversation type of love?
breakfast in bed type of love?
nothing can hurt us when we’re together type of love?

never ending type of love.
Darling Dec 2020
Too much too soon to handle
Speak into the void

Let the voices hear you
Time to take control

Show your true intentions
Reveal your body and soul.
Darling Dec 2020
Biting cold
A shiver travels through my compromised body.
Deep breaths feel shallow as I try to gasp for air.

My heart
Beating so loudly I can hear it ringing in my ears.
My chest pounds rapidly with the uncontrollable rhythm of anxiety.
Darling Nov 2020
Forced to sell
the only thing I have
and it happens to be a part of me.

I wish I didn't have to
expose myself like that
for all the world to see it.

Side work
turned into a full time job
my reputation tainted forever.
Darling Nov 2020
What's the price of quick money?
Be prepared to be looked at in disgust.
Darling Nov 2020
Trips to other countries
meeting new people
free for the first time.
Digging deeper within
personal introspection
both life-changing experiences.
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