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Apr 2014 · 1.3k
Danya Apr 2014
inside her lives a monster
with sly eyes
behind her pretty face he lies
behind her dressed robes in disguise
he braids her long golden hair
touches her naked skin
gently and shies
for centuries hes been hiding waiting to rise
playing games dazzling her mind
with a playful voice he asks her to join
she tries to escape
yet she always fails
seeking freedom in vain
she loosens her braids and sighs
she finally accepts her fate
Apr 2014 · 1.1k
Denied Identity
Danya Apr 2014
Standing in a line that never ends
I wait my turn with so called disgrace
Everyone passes before me
My turn never comes
My legs  hurt,my nerves tense
Identity remains a dream
The cries of Palestine miles away I feel
Screams and shouts so near
But they can’t hear
I wish I knew how they speak
But for them I make no sense
For my language they can’t convey
A language of humanity, love and peace
Identity remains a dream
Oh Lord I kneel
Justice I plead
If guilty I’m judged
Freedom I seek
In shame I dwell
Rights are stolen
Dignity *****
A debt I can’t clear
A bill I can’t pay
It burns my heart
My legs hurt, my nerves tense
I stand in line
I wait my turn
But it never comes
Palestine remains a dream.
this poem was written after i tried to put myself in Palestinians' shoes and see the world from their perspective.
Apr 2014 · 473
the love of wild
Danya Apr 2014
i thought i finally knew love
when i shared myself with you
it was the love of wild
not the love of mind
and i had no clue
i thought it would last
but with days it went so fast
with every kiss you gave
a new life i grasped
your sweet watering mouth
satisfied my endless thirst
the anger you held
and all the manly hood
made me do everything i wasn't allowed to
you had no boundaries
and i watched amazed
your muscles and your beard
i thought could keep me safe
and every touch of yours
gave me a  shot of life
the euphoria of your lust
kept me very close
i still remember how good it felt
oh how could i forget
but for another i won't pursue
now i look for a love of mind
rather than someone like you
Apr 2014 · 340
sans voices
Danya Apr 2014
the day i open my eyes and hear no voices
no screams, no shouts
the day i don't fear knowing and suspecting implications
no worries, no tension striking me
the day i don't have to hide all secrets
the day i stop dreaming and he starts believing whats real
for this day, i wait anxciously
Apr 2014 · 392
obliviously awake
Danya Apr 2014
not the dreams you see while asleep
the images, the voices you hope to be
i cant assume my own reality
for my reality that doesn't want me
sometimes i suspect my insanity
for my doubt kills me
how to distinguish dream from waking reality
maybe its lack of faith
but its my surrounding what makes me want to flee
oh the relief i feel
when  i only pick what to see, what to feel
living in ones own imagination
is living for real
i wish they let me alone
living this dream
yet they always interfere
and wake me from my sleep

— The End —