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Dante Feb 2012
Jesus Christ, Lord Almighty
     Expel my demons and watch them die with me
Satan Lord, Leviathan
     Give my demons an interesting origin
Plague me with poets smoking joints rolled with rejected poems
     Fill my thoughts with cockney accented thespians
Let them hold Academy award nominations from films long forgotten
     Enthuse my self-destruction
Bring me goth kids brought up in wholesome homes
Bring me Art school students choosing to abandon their degrees
Bring me women aroused by smashed clocks
Bring me men aroused by awkward teenagers
Bring me Christians questioning their faith
     Lord Almighty, God, Yahweh, Jehovah
Tell me the story of your disagreements with Vishnu
     Let me see Moloch's disgruntlement and subsequent drunk and disorderly
Show me when Hera was seducing your nephew
     Bring me into the world of the soap opera battles
Write to me Paris
Write to me Paris
     I want to read your poetry
     I want to read your mind
Sing to me Helen
Embrace me and we shall escape from torments
    Heavenly and humane
We shall watch hipsters walk past us
Smoking Spirits and drinking poison berry teas
     Let Adam grow disgruntled
     Let children laugh
If, Lord Jesus, you grant me my wish
    Send me a djinn with evil in his heart
Who's bound to be annoyed by my desires
    Send me an ent to lift me above my world
Send me an elf to love me for all my time
    Send me a mountain to travel over home
Transport me to Germany
Transport me to Spain
Transport me to New Zealand
Give me a free pass, one-way ticket to Darwin's islands
    Write my story so that I collect new, unprecedented species
And devour the flesh of my find
Hide me in Antarctica with a monstrous creation of my own mind
Let me eat
Let me gorge
Then starve me
    Show me Caligula
    Show me Marilyn Monroe
    Then leave me with Ed Wood
And force me to watch his films so that I may inherit my grandfather's fortune in comic books
    Which, of course, will bring her to love me again
Oh Lord Jesus
Lord of Hosts
Possess me so that I may live again
Dante Nov 2011
I’ve got a lock and key, what you got? You got a door,
                                      a shrapnel embedded cupboard
      Curiously covered up that there is, do you want go out?
      No I got a boyfriend, but I do have a few contraceptives
Or I could show you my funny parts and we could plateau on the platonic
Abstinence is on par with networking
                           Oh shipwrecks of relationships, your waters never looked safe, your shoreline so rocky,
                      but your sail, if you see what I’m saying. ******* that wind a high-inducing pitch of a stank
                                                                          You took me to the foreign lands and never brought me back,
                                                                          a souvenir got emailed. Which I have just picked up, it’s actually           rather beautiful,
especially if we picked it out together
It is a bullet and that is rather cliché in the expectable in this sense of the world,
but the copper lining is exquisite, insert random bit about consumerism
                                     Then spin a bit around voyeurism, then mention the outcome of the movies,
                                                                                  the moving bits. The back & forth where it all starts
But like I said, you want a contraceptive? Or maybe just a sock? How about a **** addiction?
This really isn’t a discussion we should be having,
                              I don’t like arguing about these things and I’m a transvestite and rather think they don’t apply
                                                See the bit you said was babies and the bit I said was from the bible
Jesus and Black Moses, walking down the street
Preaching for the freaks
Then the bit you said was more like, I don’t know what I’m saying, I mumble and moan
And think about *** and college and loans and the bit that really stuck out was
                                   “Babies, they really just freak me out.”
Dante Nov 2011
You should all be running
There clocks are singing
There cracks are screaming
The horizon one hundred yards away, So
you should be running
Firing your energies, feel the cannon fodder, straight from the Howl
Down past the credence
Up & over indulgence
In the bright earnest face we all so fear
My mother's eyes show me
My father's will teaches
Because his words go
Up, down and up and down and straight & die
& through and ground
Reaching time reach the audience
Reach out for bleachers where watch
tictoc right American preachers
Me junction, the merger, our mental *******
Me ******, me scared
Me changing like canon fire
Right! To the ocean, deep deep depths
To think think future
a clock there is singing
Showtunes for theme songs, church bells
Defcon 12 falling tanks off me shelf
See the mad red carnation
Shot at the pieces in eclipse of today
I keep going when I still have nothing to say
The drapery dying the godbirds still flying
I will never know what comes next
But I've got influence
& I'll need congruence
To empty a vault full of universal need
I want to be running
I'd wish you were running
The stitches, the fabric, sewn loving care
Like the landscaping, keep you warm
I've stolen from homeless
I've stolen from men
I break all the precepts
My breathing's from them
I steal all their oxygen
Whenever I breath Me harmony
Me stretching Me arm reach no peace
I see the world over
the oceans are strange
There's volcanic lightening
& men in white coats
I don't eat, I don’t sleep
I walk for them, should running
out there should running
We feel for the riches
We feel for the dying
Cancerous limp-ation, now windmill's orchestration
Shoes stuck in mud with laces together
Women see lightening when held through the weather
The war, land the peace is
The dynamic tension
The balance in pieces
With eyes up to heaven
Who cares if we're dying
We're all one
One what
I accuse you of calling the charlatan, ****
One bread piece obtuse cause
the sandwich is dying
Do you think that's normal?
Do you think that's abstract?
Boys crying because their teachers have fears
From the past make it last
What is wrong with your peers
Hold together mold together
Find out what's next
Feeling perplexed
Run run run you silly little girls
There's no sense in hiding the rest of the world
We've got one thing in common
And one thing is this
We've all got timing for HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS
Hold together, mold together
Cry together scream
the bonding is no place
for a welcome machine
What do we do
What do we do
What do we do
What do we do?
End swimming, out running
Over fencing, out running, Break walling, out running
Down clouding, out running
Fall like jumpers, run like dying
Out through planetary & temporary adrenal-line
Sleep when men in white coats
Them start walking
They march, they country
They apple of eden & run when the men
in white coats, they lay sleepin
The world is a mountain
the people they range
Look at these weirdos, make them say change
Educate the many use mindscreen no strife
The point of the riddle
Eternal solvation
We are confused with the mental *******
I'm ******* I'm sorry I'm scared
There's isolation in landscape
Something sounds like prepared
Listen to wordplay
try to find the right light
there's air in the landscape...
Cool to the touch
(a few beats)
Say ******* with metaphor
(a few beats)
I've got words, I've got wisdom
I watch movies
There's motion, just grab it
Keep going
You should be running
You should all be running
The world is going to start at any second
You should be running
Dante Nov 2011
I’m thinking of a sound
Only one sound, specifically one sound
It’s a collective sound, like all other sounds
Not like an old man’s croon or a young man’s mumble
Not like a stoner giggling or wino vomiting
Not gravitational sounds
Weightless sounds
Sounds of flight
It’s a sound that fills you deep inside
The most insidious sound of all
Catches your attention and tells you all you need to know
You find it wherever you find life
Sometimes behind closed doors
It’s a projection
A motion
An output of everything you hold dearest
Everything that makes you who you are
An expression of what you are, and what you’ve always wanted to be
A sound to signify your mounting place in the world
A sound for respect
A sound for love whenever applicable
**** good sound
Anti-gravity man
It pushes you up and brings you back down
But you don’t care
Cause you feel it deep inside yourself
And you know you’ll never forget hearing it
Places may change, time, instance
But it’ll always be out there
Singing its beating heart out
Throwing itself to you, never to be anything else
It’s the only sound that keeps us going

…Subtext: ***
Dante Nov 2011
I got a
      Crackhouse of mind
I got a
      square root of thyme
I gotta
      Trebek of head
I think my
      girlfriend is dead
I'm goin to
      find somethin free
Goin on a
      job hunt for me

Lookin for a
       Square peace of mind
Lookin for a
        high point in time
Thinkin ill go and
       drive to the beach
come here and
       extend your reach

I'm here to
     cut off some head
           fill a man with lead
     free up the joint
get to the point
     find a place with no disgrace
     then walk until i bleed

I don't got no gloves on
I appear to've lost my brain
      Got a flag on my arm
      Lookin for some men to disarm
Flick a fat double chin
Find a real quiet place to sin
      learn to play the guitar
      watch myself i'm goin far
Gonna sing about my work
Make a joke, and circle ****
         Make it last &
         make 'em cry
    Slice some apple pie
Goin to call Americana
        Scare the **** out of yer mamma
I hate what is here
Love to flash on the fear
Like to sing about the void
      stab the hearts outta little boys
Feel a fine sharp sensation
Beatin fuel out of the nation
       Light the embers of my fire
       Dodge the wind of my desire
And the bubbling flesh
Screams the songs of wit & death
       And if i die before i wake
       I pray the world my soul to fake

Shatter my brain cells
       lost in a fog
I've got to keep scarin'
      Wave a flashlight at a dog
Write down words too wicked fine
      I will be laughin' all the time
Just to make my day worthwhile
      While i keep it all on file
In company & crest we
     Stare at my blooded hairy chest
Where i inject my mescaline
      'til i look so ****** thin
Gonna reach into my ribcage
       Drive a car into the roadrage
Pour your blood into a fountain
       Make it mean all love's a mountain
               One handed work for you to
                        look to the skies and smirk
I got to seizure on this table
             get down and write my wicked fable
          I can't can't write what I'm thinkin
                         less i break the law or start drinkin
I will tell you my emotions
Eat the acid
drink a potion
              I'll hold a candle to my name
              Push my ******* in the flames
Make you watch til i cry
Paintin glass onto my thighs
I'm a mad red eye patch
i got a bag of **** to match
I've got a match and cigarettes
I got a knife take it to the pets
Who can smash & love & cry
Take a blender make it mine
til I bleed on the gloves i received
               Tattoo a notebook on my life
Find a witness make a wife
               View the world through
Dark colored goggles So I can
               fight over anorexic models
Spend the nights in british flats
                makin sweet love for you cats
Hunt the vampires all day
                 So I can waste my life away
I got a ****** up state of mind
                in this quiet garden of mine
     where i just
plant weeds and smoke
& call all this life a joke
          til i waste away completely
or I could dig a hole discretely
          I could make coffee or tea
& wonder what this means to me
                            Who cares if there's blood on the table
                            Engraved with horseshit from the stable
And I'm gonna find a way to end
this wicked fable for the trend
                                                      **** a poem for the prose
the end of all this
                                                   the beholder shows us
                                                          the patterns on the wall
Dante Nov 2011
This One Time,
                        I stripped naked
        and ****** my couch.
This other time
  I threw a copy of The Fountainhead
at an RV moving at 64 miles an hour
  I have a tree
            In the foothills
    named Clementine Valencia Jeff
  and the same day, me and John
made a religion with Adam based
       on cloud formations
      You see, I'm a weird guy
         I got
           I got problems
      I see a therapist
           Her name's Rhonda
        She likes Batmaa aaaaan
     She sees people worse than me
        but recognizes I got problems
     and she
         she tries to help
            cause I got problems
      and the
         and the problem
                   with having problems
           is function
         You can't do anything
  You live to defy expectation
  And - and it's really hard
     to get into college
    You never really get accepted
       and and
            and even if
        even if you do you
               you never really accept that
  It's hard out there for a freak
I get lost within my own
       ridiculous quandaries
  You feel like you're not
    you're not built right
      like something's wrong
  and you just punch and
    and kick and
       and destroy
   Whatever feels des-
           destroy able because it gives
       But I finally think I -I
               found my mantra
My my
       My compass thing
   My map whatever

   It has the same number of
letters of something very very dear
     to me
      and that holds meaning
    I wrote it on the back of my door
      my door
  and- and I sprayed it on a
  I actually got it from a videogame with
   with a
    with Ayn Randian themes
   It's religious
   and every night now
before I go to sleep
       I- I look into Neil Patrick Harris's
   feel the warmth of my wonderful blanket
  admire some handiwork
    read about serial arson
close my eyes and tell myself
     She is our Salvation

— The End —