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I was listening to Joy Division, then I had a vision
About your momma in the kitchen, making me a chorizo.
Then in came Deanna and said "Wassup, my nizzle"
So I slapped the gurl in her face and said "*****, don't **** with my niece, yo."
This ain't a real story, so homie step back
If you don't step back, Imma smack you in the crack.
You already know, young Dan pops the heater
Come and slam a *****, like a WWE Diva.
I go H.A.M on the track, tote the mac
Any ***** talk ****, Imma smack him with the strap.
So racked up, I could buy the mall
Come through, shop at Mr.Big and Mr.Tall.
Holograms on my hand gave me a tanned wrist
Diamonds dancing on my fist look like a blank disc
Teriyaki soup with the lemon Fanta
Heavy weight, heartburn: Mylanta.
On my cell phone, now I'm on my iPhone
Now I'm on my bat phone.
Hanging fangs down like a vampire (Twilight!)
Sapphires dancing on my hand like a campfire (Dancing!).
RiFF RaFF pullin' up with five ace-cards.
Maybe five jokers, your ***** playin' strip poker.
I'm outside eating fried okra, with Oprah.
Diamonds on my piece and chain, looking like Mufasa.
Look like Lion King, drive a Sebring.
Fifty thousand dollas, bought myself a wedding-ring.
Yeah, I'm that *****, yeah, don't forget it, yeah.
Gold neck Tity, yeah, Lamborghini, yeah.
Bad ***** with me, yeah, she's sidity, yeah.
Got her hair fixed, yeah, kinda thick, yeah.
Shawty known to strip, yeah, for the ren, yeah.
Tryna do a split, yeah, oh ****, yeah.
Can you do a split, yeah, on a ****, yeah.
I love Deanna, I love her madly.
I love her so much.
She is the only girl I'd sacrifice to Lil B.
Thank You Based God ; ~ ;

— The End —