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Danielle B Jun 2014
Trust is like a glass
Perched on the edge of a table
Some people will push it farther on
Others will knock it off
And it will shatter opon the floor
If you choose to pick up the pieces
It will be painful, each sharde will leave a scar
But the glass can be put back together
Though it will take time
Once mended it will be hard to keep the glass on the table
But with care you can
The glass can be fixed, trust can be reformed
But both will leave scars
Danielle B Jun 2014
What if all life is, is a big nightmare
That all it is, is a dream
That someday we will wake from this on going nightmare
That maybe life truely is great
The is no world hunger, global warming, or death
Maybe there is world peace, true love
And all we need is to wake up to find it?
Someone please wake me up
Danielle B Jun 2014
What if I asked you to like me for who I am?
What if I asked you not to criticize my ever move?
Could you handle that?

And yeah I know I'm imperfect
But I'm only human, no one is perfect
You cant make me perfect

I'm just am who I am
And I'm not changing for anyone
Not anyone

Yeah sure maybe I'm not a genius
But I'm not stupid
And maybe I am kinda dorky
But that's who I am

I'm not changing
I embrace my imperfect parts
And if you look close enough at imperfect, in just the right light
You may find something beautiful and perfect in its own way
Danielle B Jun 2014
You were all I had
The only thing holding me together
And now your gone
Leaving me to face to world
All alone
A billion to one

You left me standing there
Back to the wall
Trying not to fight just run
But I have nowhere left to run
All alone
My back pressed to the wall

I brace my self as the world floods towards me
I close my eyes
And my muscles tighten
All alone
Is it even worth fighting?
Danielle B Jun 2014
I need somebody
Somebody to tell me everything is okay
Somebody to make everything okay

I need somebody
Somebody to hold me tight
Somebody to block out the rest of the world

I need somebody
Somebody to pick me up when I've fallen
Somebody to brush of the dust

I need somebody
Somebody who will always be there
Somebody by my side

I need somebody
Danielle B Jun 2014
People are always asking
What comes next?
What happens after this life is done and gone?
Well what about right now?
The future will come but right now we live in the present
Live life now
Because when you finally reach that day in the future
Your going to look back on this life
And if you don't live life now you'll regret it
Because there is no going back
When you reach you last day
What will you think of your life
Will you regret?
Danielle B May 2014
Some times I just want to be forgotten
For the world to forget about me for just a while
Let me sit alone and think
Give me space to clear my mind
The world is to crowded
People always near
Some times I just need space
I just want to melt away and become invisible
Some times I just want to be forgotten
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