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Daniel Winters Dec 2013
I never buy the extended warranty

no matter how bad

or how well

the guy in store explains it.

I don’t want to plan

to solve my future ****-ups.

I don’t want to ****-up

at all.
Daniel Winters Dec 2012
I was trying so hard
to french kiss you
that I think we bumped teeth.

All Sunday my teeth
echoed with the sound of you.
It had a nice bass-line,
but it needed
your sweet voice
to go along with it.

I loved it,
when you said
I had a nice voice, because
I've been waiting a long,
long time, for a chance,
for a duet.
Daniel Winters Dec 2012
I asked everyone
and they said that
you weren't a fool.

They first asked
who you we're,
then they said that
they wanted to meet you.

I'm glad I met you.

When we had those
Little Talks,
driving down those roads,
it felt as if
the rest of life was a
pale imitation of that. That,
for once,
it was me who was outside,
full of life and full of love.
I already know that
I will want to be,
hungover and driving through
that beautiful country again,
the rest of my life.

I told them,
that you weren't a fool.
Maybe just a bad influence,
with a loud heart.

And yeah,
you might be a bad influence,
but that doesn't mean
you're not
good for me.
Daniel Winters Oct 2012
I was last on the register, so

as soon as I said

that I was still there

everyone stood up and left.

Katie was still there

and she pointed at me and

asked me if I was coming tonight.

I said that guessed not and she asked me

If I knew that she wasn’t

my girlfriend.

I didn’t answer so she informed me

that I wasn’t allowed to be jealous that

she goes to parties that I don’t.

I asked, ‘what party?’ and she rolled her eyes

and left. I walked out of the classroom alone and

wondering what the hell just happened.

James saw me across the yard

and shouted

if I was coming tonight.

I told him to *******

and walked quicker

every time he tried to

call me back.

A few kids on the bus

swore at me through

the open window, their

middle fingers and crude words

working together in pitiless tandem.

I turned up the volume

in my ipod

and kept on walking.

It carried on snowing. It had been

three days now and three times

we had been called to assembly

so the headmaster could announce

which schools had been closed for the day.

That morning he was

proud to tell us

that we were the only school

in the area

to still be open.

The snow was four inches deep

and rising and grey and dangerous.

Through the frosted windows

in the front door I could see

my keys. I kicked the wall

and nearly shattered my toes.

I climbed over my gate to the back of my house.

For a while I thought about

breaking a window.

The cat found me and pawed me shins

and I told her I was sorry,

but I couldn’t let her in the house.

I sat in a frozen plastic chair

and looked across the white

and green garden. The cat

joined me, and sat on my lap,

her body as close to me as possible.

I zipped her up inside my jacket

so only her head poked out and

we sat there,

watching cartoon’s on my ipod.

Batman fought The Joker again, and

Gumball finally got to kiss Penny.

The Joker escaped again

and Gumball realised

that it was all a dream.

It got cold and dark and eventually

both the cat and I fell asleep.

My mother shook me awake

and unzipped my jacket to let the cat out.

She asked me if I had a good day at school, and

I rubbed my eyes

and told her that

I couldn’t remember.
Daniel Winters Oct 2012
There was a


about you. Of

momentum and

velocity and mass.

I’m still at the


watching  you

free wheel

and swerve.

You lean forward,

all eyes  and

turned up smiles.

Wheels skipping

and feet off the pedals.

You left me behind

Daniel Winters Feb 2012
The Trick is to fade into the foreground.
The Trick is to only look stupid.
The Trick is to surprise them with greatness.
The Trick is not to love so much.

The Trick is The Trick is The Trick.



I can say that I don't care,
but we both know
that I'm lying.
Daniel Winters Feb 2012
don’t try to change me.
cos I’ve been
all my life,
and it still
ain’t working.
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