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May 2010 · 429
Live Now
Daniel Gerson May 2010
I have my course and destination,
A plan to save this dying nation called the self.
One moment, one lie. One atonement, one sigh of straight sorrow.
Tomorrow brings a new dawn to carry on truth
And in that we find peace of mind with the loss of youth.
Are you ready to lose everything?
Everything is not lost.
There is always fluid continuity as we pass to and from the present.
Descend now. Repent now.

Live now.
May 2010 · 610
Daniel Gerson May 2010
I fight it.

It's a failing battle.  It always wins.
The machine will never break down.
The cogs that break are ever so easy to replace.
May 2010 · 511
Daniel Gerson May 2010
Blind in the dark, running forward with conviction
Certain of prediction to become truth,
My sight is limited - stinted - narrowed - tunneled. Words spell out fear.
Alone in the dark, running out of time,
Divine hope comes crashing and crumpling to a halt.
My mind tells me it's just fell deeds of fallacy,
But repetition turns into tendency.
Tendency to history.
History to human nature.
Apr 2010 · 4.4k
A Broken Promise
Daniel Gerson Apr 2010
Heaven divided
Culture quieted
Society blinded.
We come and go, nomadic
Sporadic indifferent decayed souls
False in virtue
Paying toll for our sins.

Your blood runs thick
My ink leaves sinking hearts awaiting pain
Enduring no salvation.
A broken promise you cannot complete
Will haunt your soul, a melody
Inescapable, immeasurable, immaculate in design.
Mar 2010 · 490
A Tragedy Known To All
Daniel Gerson Mar 2010
Sitting quivering,
Scared and pretentious be false heroes.
Zero talent save with words of malicious incinerating intent
Seamless is our great divide from sanity

And so it will be now and forever more
As it has always been
A festering mess of disgrace and distress
Lead by a dream
Betterment for all at the cost of freedom
The vanity grows thick from this sickness
And high on lies do our prophets guide us
Further into darkness

Suicide silence
The inexplicable cure to immeasurable pain
The rain falls to the ground
In puddles of blood, muddied and decayed
Flawed, and disarrayed.

— The End —