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We were daytime problem solvers
and late afternoon cops and robbers,
discovering treasure chests
full of gold
with every coin
a story told.
Ignorance was innocence
tooting imaginative instruments.
Our visions were limitless
exploring galaxies
within a fence.
Searching the skies for Orion
Taking orders from Simon
Says reach for the sky
roar as lions, tigers and bears
Oh My!
Scars were cool!
Chocolate milk was fuel
Girls were yuck!
Vacation Barbies lay beneath
tires of Tonka trucks.
Despite being grounded
we soared
Unless grounded
of course.
Street lights mark the landing strip
'Til high noon next day
abandon ship
Crash landing
return to the culdesac
'Good Night' whispers
Fade to black
Our paths may never cross.
But for an infinity,
grow side by side
As passive parallel lines
The affair was inevitable
A treacherous triangle
The Daisy, the Sun, and the Moon
appearing as distinct doom

From the Sun, the Daisy bloomed
Though at dusk the Daisy felt gloom
Finding the Moon at its darkest hour,
beloved feelings grew within this flower.

To the Sun, the Daisy was committed,
But to the Moon the Daisy submitted.
The Moon brought light to the dark
Owing an absent Sun, became the new spark.

Fearing the furious flames of the Sun
The Daisy wouldn't shed light
upon the affair
frightful of the brightest one

Now, the Sun and Moon caught intertwined
within the same vine, and in due time
the Daisy's guilt was uprising
It was to choose but both were enticing

The provider vs. the temptation
The brightest star vs. The subtle sight
Fierce force of energy vs. Cool, calm and collect
First love versus A new feel
Dear America,

I was built on a loose foundation
A table with three legs
to sustain the load of a table with four.
To make nothing from something but
For something to come from nothing you need some thing.
The most terrible thing to waste
The superlative of Man’s tools
What makes us as individuals unique,
On the contrary defines us as a social order
The mind, The M.I.N.D.
My Intelligence Nurtures Divergence
Always accepting of the opposition,
A bloodthirsty cheetah digging its fangs deep into the flesh of a wildebeest,
my mind feeds off of their ideals,
Further amplifying my intellectual power.
Expansion within the human intellect,
builds on experiences of failures and success
Be afraid of failure, but unafraid to learn from defeat
The world is a frigid place,
and even colder when you squander your most valuable weapon.  “A weapon?
What beats an M16, double barrel shotgun,
9mm, Smith and Wesson, or Desert Eagle.”
Young blood, the divine power is in your head
Gandhi, Malcolm X, Socrates
Gone too soon due to minds considered Weapons of Mass Destruction,
Weapons of Mass Enlightenment to others
Since 1992 I’ve embarked on a journey
A journey to educate myself
A journey to realize the man I want to be
A journey to reach my full potential
Universally familiar words of my grandmother
“You can do whatever you put your mind too”
The future poses as an unknown force,
But within me fear is absent as my MIND is fully equipped for the ongoing battle of life.
I was built on a loose foundation
Tupac Shakur, John D Rockefeller, Oprah Winfrey, Chris Gardner, Christopher Wallace, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Henry Ford, Bill Gates.
Expected to come from nothing to something
but had that one thing to become something
Utilize your strengths and bury your weaknesses
For with a strong mind the word weak is without purpose
Mama; you are the Sun
As I am the Earth
Naive and innocent from birth
But with each revolution full of
I grew more habitable.
You spoke but only truths.
And though you’d wipe the tears
I’d shed upon the stars,
You’d say
“Be strong, life is tough, prepare yourself”,
Phrases echoing throughout the galaxy.
One however lingered over my head like the moon
“Knowledge is power.  Don’t believe everything you’re told.”
I haven’t mama,
Knowledge is oxygen.
Essential to my existence, I truly appreciate thee
Eternal gravitational pull: Protection,
Light you shed: Guidance,
Blanket of warmth despite the season: Love.
From an aspirant of glory,
To the brightest star I’ve laid eyes upon,
Thank You.

— The End —