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Dan Bolens Jan 2015
It's just me.
I know you won't see this now.
Maybe not for a while.

I just want you to know I love you.
And tomorrow.
And the day after that.

Dan Bolens Dec 2014
We may never do great things in our lives.
There may never be monuments erected in our name,
or days honoring what we accomplished.

But we can always love one another greatly,
***** monuments in the hearts of others,
and as such,
we will live on far beyond our time.
Dan Bolens Dec 2014
Ive often thought about the people Ive met,
The places Ive seen,
the people I have yet to meet,
and the places I have yet to stand.

But it with this thinking that I gather myself
that unless we leave a scar on someones heart
or we leave a footprint in the concrete
we will all at once be forgotten at the end of our time

because with the tears we shed
the forming rivers reflect our memories
of a person we once touched
or place we once stood

fragments of a past time
pulling us back against the current
further from the Shore of Glass
Wrote this a long time ago streamlined.
Dan Bolens Dec 2014
Starlight wings white as snow,
Illuminating the night sky.
Will you take me?
Can I reach you?

The resonating sound of love,
Sends ripples through the ocean of my heart.
Once an endless abyss,
Now harbors summery waters.

Your words imbued with sunlight,
Drive away the most torturous thoughts.
As the notes of your dulcet voice,
Echo through the airways.

The rhythmic beat of your heart,
Like the ticking of a clock.
I hear it.
I feel it.
I need it.

Oh, bearer of radiant wings;
I continue to climb higher;
Continue to work harder,
Continue to stand taller.

I will fly with you;
I will reach you;
And I will touch you;
As you have touched me.
Dan Bolens Dec 2014
I know I may be a bother sometimes.
Even annoying you might say.
But it's only because I care about you.

I may push too hard,
or hold you too tight,
and I don't want to crush your Wings.

You know, they say opposites attract.
But I don't think we're that different.

Maybe a little broken,
a little crazy,
a little weird,
but I love it.

You're you,
And I'm me,
And there's nowhere I'd rather be.
Dan Bolens Dec 2014
When the wind blows 'round
And the sun goes down
And the light fades from your eyes.

When the night is long
And the stars fall down
I'll be by your side.

Cause when you're lookin' at me
You're all I see
No where I'd rather be.

So let your eyes shine on
And your walls fall down
I'll never let you go.

When the music fades
And you pull your shades
We'll make our own sounds
Dan Bolens Nov 2014
In Greek mythology, there was a goddess named Eidyia.
Born from the great Titan, Oceanus and the Deity, Tethys.
Knowledge born from the blue-green colors of the sea.

As a young girl, Eidyia explored the World River.
She moved from place to place, exploring every inch she could find until she knew the name and face of every creature that lived there.

And the creatures knew her.
Eidyia, the beautiful daughter with ocean eyes.
Knowledge as vast as the World River itself.

She made sure the creatures were taken care of.
She played with them when they were sad.
And nursed them when they were sick.

Not much else is known about Eidyia.
She married the son of Helios, Aietes, and met Jason on his quest for the golden fleece.

But where the pages of Greek mythology are unwritten,
You and I shall fill in the blanks.
The same blue-green ocean eyes;
Knowledge as vast as the World River;
A heart of gold;
And a beautiful soul.

Let's write our own story, shall we?
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