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Daisy Apr 2017
We want to be remembered;

is that not why we fold
pieces of gum into
the neat
underbellies of tables,
stomp up silent stairs, slam
arrogant doors,
push back
nonchalant chairs?

And is that not why we bury half finished
stained from lips and ashed
from the careless shakes of wrists?

Or throw empty bottles
as far as our arms allow
- so the satisfying clinks can reassure us
of those other things
as broken as our lives (and sometimes

We're afraid to be forgotten;
Edits four years later
Daisy Jul 2015
for what i am
i was,

for everything that
i could
have been

and everything
i will now
have to be
without you.
Daisy Jul 2015
i watched the breakfast club for the first time
today. it struck me as  so  real  so  honest  so
raw     except that allison said      ‘when you
grow up your heart dies’ and i thought,   no
you       just     get better   at hiding it.
Daisy Jul 2015
in case you want to know: 

we were at your house, 

by the green trees, 

I made you wash your hands
in the river, 

and you waved them 

and I laughed

and you said: 'Say it, 

say it, 

say I'm dork.' - 

and I wanted instead
to say:
Daisy Jul 2015
I see photos
of you
with a beard
(but no necklace)
and realise
that you won’t have to
shave it off
this year
and I
won’t be there.
Work in progress.
Daisy Jul 2015
your hair 

after you cut it

your crooked teeth




of scratching


reluctance to bite,

that you're a coward


closed; that 



my cigarettes,

your inability to text 


introduce me to yourfriends,

that you always wore the sameclothes 

and looked odd
in suits

didn't believe inGodorlove
 that I was smart,

you broke

my ******* 
This is an exercise to try not to miss you. I wrote this in red and drew pictures to go with it. I bet that says something.

P.s. I actually kind of liked your crooked teeth.
Daisy Jul 2014
Fig.1.  It was 5 days - 4 days? - but I can't forget it.
           (By a road, brown buildings in the back, the filter is green - you    
            said you didn't know why. Half-smiles.)

Fig.2. Do you remember that you sent me this? Twice.
           (Same place, I kiss your cheek, you pull a sad face, a man walks by  
            in the background.)

Fig.3. God, that stupid headband.
           (Repeat again. Faces pressed, I smile big, you smile up, my hand is
            on your shoulder.)

Fig.4.  You said "The dots make it look arty." but that wasn't why I kept it.
           (Art gallery, two shots.)
           (At the bottom it says - I know that I will miss you.)
           (Nowhere it says - I will keep this because you will forgot to.)
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