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daffodil Mar 2014
love is one of those rare things that if its true, its hard to find. it has the possibility to make your heart melt and your eyes glimmer with some sort of wild hope that they, too, feel the same.
but it can also make your heart timind and eyes weary like flightless doves in the dark of night afraid of flight because everyone at one time has been scared of falling and we all fear the pain and heartbreak that comes from giving ourselves to someone
daffodil Mar 2014
I poured my heart out to you and I think you might have drowned because of it

I'm so sorry
daffodil Mar 2014
I guess all of my poems//writings resemble drunk texts and come out as a random blur of words but you make my thoughts tornado through my mind and when I'm with you I feel drunk even though i've been sober for a year

— The End —