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Cry Sebastian Aug 2016
Don't waste time on the worthless, the toothless, the "strong"
who plague you with their platitudes, their compliments and songs.
They have no fight or bite and they will drop you like a rag.
Don't entertain the pleasantries of cowardly little nags.

They will never get your madness when your soul is burning low
in the pit of love with Jesus tears as you take it blow for blow.
Never show your darkness burn within as your heart pours on the floor,
they are lazy to go search beyond because "they have seen it all before".

**** the actors and the liars who are always so aloof,
there is always someone better and they're always needing proof.
They will come and steal your thunder and then will leave you laying bare,
and then move on to a "better" soul without a second care.

The clock's too short for cold perfume that curdles in it's pain
and seeps through your fingers like acid rain while you're whispering her name.
Just another of the many that passed by you all those times,
You got too deep and in-lust to see those very warning signs.
Cry Sebastian Jun 2014
Silent night, traffic lights.
All is calm in the rain.
The Cape wind glides over black river roads.
The watered trees whisper under clouds that bellow.
While it sleeps in heavenly pieces,
while it sleeps in heavenly peace.

This withered night,
the warmth takes flight.
The chill creeps into the sleeping thing.
Glazed eyes fading while lonely lights grow,
the roar of the engine on the tarmac below,
while it sleeps in heavenly pieces,
while it sleeps in heavenly peace.
Cry Sebastian Dec 2013
Beautiful creatures
haunt our past
they glide through our fingers
in memory mists
we are wanting to hold
but they tease our grips

If they could have seen the love that we had
and seen past their eyes of dream that went bad
they would still be here
as tangible as the sun
and waste some time before the day comes to an end

Beautiful things
cause the sadness to grow
the emptiness to show
our hope to dim

We learn by learning to die
leaving beautiful creatures behind
******* in the tears
as the years go by
knowing belonging is for another life not here
and faerie tales are only true far away from here
and when we are buried
we will be as hard as the earth that covers us
Cry Sebastian Dec 2013
I wish I was a lighter I
that touched the clouds as they rolled by
and on the wings of joy I'd fly
far into the bluest sky

I wish that I had held it strong
held it true as we went along
and when the night came I was brave
and fought the shadows from my cave

But I lost my heart one day
in your smile as you drove away
and madness then consumed my mind
I was wrong, I was blind

because in you hope I saw
false as every time before
and I tried to cage you like a bird
with writing out my pretty words

I wish I was as cold as snow
cooled beneath an arctic wind
with frozen blood that could not feel
and no need to make me heal

I wish that I could see the lies
wedged with wires in my mind
I was not yours and you weren't mine
We are angels of a different kind

I wish that I could fix this mess
my insanity made my deeds digress
because its hard to let go of someone I touched
who told me that she loved me much

If I could go and fix the past
and make it better, make it last
I would be my closest friend
a hero that won in the end

But time can't bend back to repair
it's sealed and done forever there
and we are all just broken clocks
chained within and sealed with locks

And you were just a passer by
on a break, saying hi
And I was looking for a missing piece
or maybe just some pain relief

I've been unfair and been unkind
you did not deserve to see my despair
but you responded with human care
I think somehow you understand

And I will be well in the end
as I always get up again
and I'll try to leave this emo ****
it's a bit of an embarrassment
Cry Sebastian May 2013
Too wired to love,
strange and cold,
she spins her words with threats so cold,
a web of lies that holds him near,
his light is fading into fear.

The crack on the cracked mirror stains her face,
a crooked smile spews disgrace.
She keeps his face in her flower box,
with all the other shattered clocks.

They're all just ghosts that pass on by while,
she breathes to pass the time.
Cry Sebastian May 2013
Too weird to love,
too strange to hold,
she spins her heart with threads of gold,
to build a web to hold him near,
but he is light years away from here.

Her cracked mirror cracks her face,
a brave smile to cover disgrace.
She puts his mask in her flower box,
with all the other broken clocks.

They're all just ghosts that pass on by while,
she breathes to pass the time.
Cry Sebastian May 2013
She  swallow the sun, before the days begun,
keeping him in the dark, with her silly little lies.
He prays she finds love and he hopes that it's he.
He's scored  long enough,  he knows it's only in his head.

He watches from afar, while she's beside  him in  bed,
Pretty as a poem he read.
There, but uninvolved, someone is waiting round the bend-
This dream is just a page he read.

He's been here before, an old hand at goodbye,
years are moving on to a safe and cozy night:
where slide shows flicker on walls of unknown photo scrawls
and moments covered in dust,  
dead forgotten trust.

If only she belonged to a wasted life with him:
grounded, broken and free;
with few Hollywood lights hanging on her tree,
a sense of sanity.

She is held like a doll that can never love back,
plastic blue eyes keep him entrapped.
Compromising compassion compels him to her door-
He swears he's been here before...
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