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CRH Jan 2014
Fingerprints on coffee cups,
Stale air, exhaled,
still circulating through the ducts, and
Crumbs pushed into cushions
that vacuums will never find.
We can try to clean up
the mess we made
but there will always be pieces left behind.
My winter is always brought to you by The Mountain Goats
CRH Jan 2014
Stalemate, double-date;
Go ahead-
Keep tempting fate.
Cross your fingers
That I'll take the bait.
Sideways glance,
check and mate.
Your move, Darling.

I'll sit
And wait.
Here Comes My Queen.
Wanna play?
CRH Dec 2013
always seems
slightly beyond
our capabilities.

"But, Darling,
(I asked)
what am I to make
of you and me?"

You requested
I be patient-
that we would
wait and see,

*"But, Sweetheart,
patience is a virtue
that never quite
made sense to me."
Lucky for you, diligence happens to be one of my strengths.
CRH Dec 2013
We find
power in pursuit;
                             While we ignore
                             the approaching
                             weakness of need.
CRH Dec 2013
Eyes like a screen door
voice like a sigh
we talked through
those spaces
for hours
but you never
offered to let me
come inside.
I could see it all, though.
CRH Dec 2013
Dark hallway,
cold wooden floors.
From opposite sides
of the glass
we both watch
my hips
as they swing
        and forth,
         and forth,
         and forth.

They rock silently
and I can tell you're
counting the exact
number of steps
it will take to move
you closer to me.

And for the fifth
time today
you wonder what
you'd say
if only I invited you
to speak.

And for the third
time today
I'm staring at your lips
and wondering how
they taste.

And for,
what seems like,
the millionth time
neither of us move.
What a waste...
CRH Nov 2013
Maybe we both
forced out
predictions of love
And lust
and everything in between.
it's not that
we ever really
wanted to see each other
as much as
we simply
wanted to know
how much the other
wanted to be seen.
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