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the darkness I cling to
is easily gathered by the midnight madness
that is instilled deep within my empty heart

and my only thought is to speak of you

dark and ruthless
I am witness to your pleasured moans
as your blind mouth is lulled into sleep

oh poor disheveled soul

ravished by your lustful ways

and I
born a harlot of the night
upon bended knee
your heated desires
as my own

I can only warn you
that the night is now at hand

and we shall only reap
what the dark gods have sowed
for we have only known surpassing vanity

oh pray the earth and our sickened hearts
for we are nothing but dust

and I weep as a child for the past

spreading silence shot across empty skies
and the hills are left shuddering
such pale hands held on high
I toss my troubled hair to the northern winds

burnt burgundy lips
mouth so sweet so poisonous
tortured hands so white

I beg thee

reveal to me

that forbidden place

where the wicked meet the divine
Every night I used to sit by the lake
and listen to the loons
Their song was so sad
but its beauty touched my heart
As the sun sunk slowly
into the great mouth of the lake
I felt blessed
being part of it all
As night came on slowly
I prayed for one more day
hoping that if this was my last
I did it right
long after midnight
when the world is fast asleep
and everything is somewhat still

the night world calls to me

I lie quietly in my safe warm bed
the sheets melting around me
like warmed brown sugar candy

and I watch the shadows dance upon the ceiling

smooth faceless figures
oh so gracefully
in the blackened silence
beckoning to the unending darkness within me


I long for them with such deep-seated desire
yet I find myself chilled to the utter bone
as I drift off to an insatiable slumber

I unwillingly experience

walled dreams holding echoed voices
as I walk down unlit halls of horror
the ghosts of tainted evenings stirring my soul
my subconcious eye views all that is unholy

my ******* ache with trepidation

my breath is nothing but frozen steam in the dead of night
the bewitching hour embraces me

and it is then that I feel my nakedness
casted without care
to the dark worlds pleasures

and I ask myself

am I to be known as Satans *****
or shall I be remembered as a dark queen
with a tortured conscience

I shall request that

petty hearts are laid upon my altar
and their ashes painted on my pale skin
somehow I can dream of redemption
yet laugh at the very thought

my words will become your obsession
as my tongue weaves our histories together
we shall be eternally bound by our hidden desires

your secrets I shall forever hold dear
and I promise you on my unyielding death bed
I shall die with each one buried deep within me

certainly a dark treasure of proportions

and I am its servant to the bitter end
frosted mornings
skies filled with grey
sugarplums dancing
silvered bells on display

stars dripping like icicles
from heaven above
the season of happiness
and brotherly love

winter rain falling
in whispers of white
snowy windows dressed
in soft candlelight

hand decorated trees
in ribbons of gold
Christmas stories
recited by the old

wrapping paper
in paisley red
a sip of eggnog
right before bed

wintergreen branches
with candy canes placed
homemade Christmas cards
expertly laced

gingerbread houses
and stockings too
mistletoe magic
and tidings anew

crackling wood
as the winter wind blows
a blazing fire
the warming of toes

families singing
familiar refrains
crying baby dolls
and shiny toy trains

silver garland
with tiny hearts
Grandmas tea
and Bakewell tarts

childrens laughter
some hot buttered ***
festive horns
and a beating drum

sweet cherub faces
in the finest of clothes
betwixt little gift boxes
with big satin bows

the spark of Christmas
is in the air
so I beg the Lord
to hear my prayer

give me sound mind
so I shall always remember
for faint and few
is the holidays ember
I do believe
that an unspeakable crime
has just occurred

if it only be in my head

the memory of your face
has somehow been stolen
from my conscious mind
by an unknown assailant

my brain cells
are now in
a state of pandemonium

and you might find yourself wondering

“who could be responsible
                   for such wrongdoing?”

In response
I am quick to whisper

“only a pure hellion
      could carry out
          such a nefarious act
              upon my senses”

gathering together my inner strength
I grit my teeth until my jaw starts to spasm
keeping my eyes tightly shut
as I try to recall your smile

I pray fiercely throughout the night
much like a midnight incantation
repeating the same words
over and over again
to no avail

if you were to say
that this affliction
I have been saddled with
is the bane of my existence
I would say
“you’ve hit the nailon the head”

or better yet

just another death-dealing blow to my psyche
Thanks Light
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