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coulorfulSmoke Dec 2020
The moment after It
all colour drains from the world

I realise I am empty
I was chasing a lie

everything is grey
it was always grey
I was just high on It
because I thought It was a rainbow
It wasn't

existence is suffocating in moments like these

and very soon I'll choose to return to It
that's the sad part
You'll probably want to read a happier poem in times like these. But ******* I don't care!
I'm sorry. I don't know where that came from.
coulorfulSmoke Dec 2020
Sometimes you anime scream too much,
and then you taste blood on your tongue.
Your throat tingles,
like the betrayal of kings.
coulorfulSmoke Nov 2020
I am lost
in silent echoes without description

I fall throughout
like a rabbit in a hole of subconsciousness

I have the void
no one sees laughing from inside

I am synapses shocks and electric nerve jazz
lullabies so smooth you will never understand
coulorfulSmoke Nov 2020
Oh how I wish...
I had been a longer chapter in the story of your life.
coulorfulSmoke Nov 2020
Possibilities of love I didn't fully take in
Falling memories like stars they fall

And now just...

The empty bed
The scentless sheets

The repetitive nature of loneliness
That same void like a breath of a lover brushing neck hairs
Remember how it sent shivers down spine

I must fall asleep with it next to me
in the darkness
coulorfulSmoke Nov 2020
Sometimes it just hits you all at once.
  Oct 2020 coulorfulSmoke
Don't be too sweet to others. Sweet things don't age well.

- a ripe old banana
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