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J Walton Oct 10
This again like a song on the tip of my tongue.
J Walton Oct 5
They've got folks who get turned on by a bird's whistle. Watch the fiasco now. The devil always loses. I wish for everything every one else has ever wished for.
J Walton Sep 28
Meditated for an hour with the neighbor. She crashed and snored. I imagined myself flying in spirals with thick white wings. I became a dragon. I used boots to stomp my negative thoughts. The universe is supposed to be on my side. I could see white spirals and felt myself going in.
J Walton Sep 28
When love comes barreling toward me I'll close my eyes again.
J Walton Sep 27
I'll tell you all my troubles sir.
I'll gladly warm your ear.
J Walton Sep 26
That fake *** hungry ****. I think drug dealers are morally deplorable but I'm writing this high. Here's where we are when curious. He had an eagle's talon tattooed outside of his thumb and forefinger. Eyes a blue I had never seen before. The way he sat like a delicate flower. Legs crossed effortlessly. I just need something. To talk to a friend.  My credit is getting worse. I've got no plan or idea but am wriggling a bit. I feel good, I really do. Just buckets of tears. I have to look again. I wish I had the strength to shake it all off and to forget what I felt. It was so pure it was blasphemous.
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