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coriander Nov 2018
Crumpled, coffee stained
   paper lake
          Puddles of dusty, molding
          Pasta encrusted dishes and
          lipstick rimmed glasses glasses
   layer the ocean floor

          Drowning in filth
coriander May 2017
you say my eyebrows could use a plucking
you say my lips are colorless and dull
you say my eyes could use defining
you say my cheeks are much too full
criticize my face all you want
it won't have any effect
but tell me that i am unpleasant
and inside it will leave me a wreck

you say my ******* could stand to be bigger
you say my waist is much too wide
you say my thighs could stand be thinner
you say there is too much fat on my side
ridicule my body all you want
it won't cause me to cry
but tell me you hate my existence
and i will find it hard to get by

you say my grades aren't quite up to *****
you say my face often looks very dim
you say i should do more pushups
you say i should connect with a him
laugh at my lifestyle all you want
it won't cause me distress
but tell me you've told all my secrets
and it will leave me very depressed
coriander Apr 2017
where will none go hungry
where will all have what they desire
where will none be angry
where will none ever tire
when will all hatred cease
when will all debts be repaid
when will those caged be released
when will those faulty be remade
how will our world reach its end
how will the guilty find justice
how will those once enemies become friends
how will liars become trusted
why does our nature direct us so
why do we act in the way we do
why do we resist the inevitable
why do we resist being made new
ask such questions all you want
i doubt they will be answered
coriander Apr 2017
In it all are equal
None is greater than the other
The rich do not triumph the poor
Nor the skinny man the fat man
In it all is meaningless
The lakes do not sparkle
Nor the trees rustle
In it all is colourless
The sky is no bluer than the pebble
And the grass may as well be grey
In it resides no happiness
How could there be, with no music or laughter?
How could there be, with no beats for the dancer?
In it there is no conflict, no wars among men
All are the same under this realm of darkness
coriander Apr 2017
Now my throat is as dry as the dust on this road
My bottle is empty, but I've everywhere to go
My drunken past is behind me
A new leaf is turned
Goodbye, stupor
Though many things I've learned
See, things come and go
Nothing's forever
Old clothes replace new ones
Sunshine to rainy weather
So to thee, fair, faithful bottle
A fond farewell
It's time for me to straighten up
As to how this'll go...
Only time can tell
So as I take my leave
A kind word I desire
Just a bit of encouragement
To spur me on, though I tire
So as I go forth, to new sights and sounds
Send me off with a cheer
And applause all around
coriander Apr 2017
a place where no light will ever reach you
no laughter, no joy
a place where you are completely alone
no family, no friends
a place that you can never escape from
held in by the fortress of your own mind
a place where you are fed lies day and day out
until there is no one to trust
a place where sleep is a myth
no nightmares, no dreams
a place where once there you remain
captive the rest of your days
coriander Apr 2017
to my first pets funeral
i wore a brand new black dress
to my great grandmothers funeral
i wore a nice black dress
to my uncles funeral
i wore a plain black dress
to my grandfathers funeral
i wore a faded black dress
to my mothers funeral
i wore a stained black dress
to my husbands funeral
i wore a ripped black dress
to my daughters early funeral
i wore a tattered black dress
to my own wretched funeral
i wore a dress all of white

— The End —