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Emmanuel Mar 2019
still was the eventide.
the pallid night-eye
hovers above the moonflower
and its scent---
sickly sweet.

at the street's end
lies her
decrepit house.
it had been months
since i saw her

it rests there.

not forgotten.
and in this hour,
where the ungodly
is just---
i am a stalker

craving for lust.
i've stared
at that window
for years
that my eyes

are starting
to bleed.
before i
close my eyes
and end the world

i saw a feint flicker
a form.
a new sillhouette.
and it thawed
this freezing soul.

and as i stared at her,
she stared back at me.
Emmanuel Sep 2018
Here, take this knife.
Carve these eyes out, dear stranger.
As a matter of fact, remove this heart
from its humid chamber too.
because all I could see now is sin,
and that heart had been passed around.
too much.
and it had lost its.

take these and put it to good use.
so maybe then, dear stranger,
I wouldn’t have to wash away
the howling coldness
in the middle of my chest
with the warm surge alcohol
instead of her pleasant embrace.

oh, I almost forgot, dear stranger.
extract this flesh etched up inside my throat
for it only spouts lies. after lies. after lies.
just like one time.
i promised her about our future.
about how fun it would be.
now i’m here.
and she isn't.

i just don’t want to feel anymore.
please, take care of these.
Please, take care of me.
i don't know how to take care of myself.
without taking care of you.
Emmanuel Aug 2018
Honestly, I don’t know
If I’m scared of you
Or am I scared of myself
But all do I know is that
You make me really glad
That you exist
In the same space
Where I breathe

There is something about you
That stirs up the cauldron inside
And the bubbles and colors;
Those that which
spark from this elixir
lights up the hollow places
in which the brightest rays
of the sky, the stars, and the moon
can’t even reach

but an alchemist once told me
that if you love someone,
one should never doubt oneself
and one should love
to the fullest extent of your capacity

which is why from this day onward
I will reach my hand into that
Volatile concoction inside my soul
And watch my hands shrivel
Until I can’t feel no more.
Emmanuel Jul 2018
tonight, the tides are rising;
and cold waves brush against my skin.
it makes me feel love.
it makes me feel loved,
as i drift away towards the sea.

i could feel your aqueous hand
trace its way up to my chest.
can you feel my lips
when you touch my heart
with words still left unsaid?

“do you love me?”
“do you still love me?”
as i inhale the salty water
and drink air as if it were my last.

my fingers extend towards lucent rays
as i plunge beneath the bitter depths.
does it love me?
does it still love me?
this gentle asphyxiation numbs my pain.

i close my eyes, and i could see you
beaming with a smile that was mine.
it says it loved me;
and now you’re happy.
while i’m here, all alone
fighting these air bubbles
fluttering out of my eyes.
Emmanuel Jul 2018
it has been awhile since we’ve talked
and you look better than before
i could finally see the smile
that used to be

i remember all of our happy memories
i’ve already left all the bad things for dead
can you please forget
all of the burden
that I’ve

it’s better that we keep it this way
i love you too much that i’m afraid
of hurting you
all over

it was nice meeting you again
i will always cherish what we’ve had
you already found someone else
and really, i am


You look beautiful today.
Emmanuel Apr 2018
When I wear my tattered brown robe
And wield this upturned oaken staff
In this vast green, I start to probe---
And I see this Elf-and-a-half.

He spun tales about being king,
Moaned and groaned about his long life.
In his main tongue he starts to sing
a song of war with Uruk-hai.

Seldom have I understood the plights of folk---
All of them loved death since the times of old.
Emmanuel Feb 2018
Every night I think of sweet, sweet release
I look around and see this room turn grey
And now I’m bound by the ceiling’s long leash
Then it all goes silent as I go pray.
"Can you hear me? I’m lost. Don’t be a brute!"
"It’s cold! I’m scared! I could hear the Night Hounds
Sniffing the air around this strange fleshy fruit."
And the devil comes in and makes his rounds.
“What have I done to you? I’ve made no qualms.”
“Look here, Puppet of Flesh. Did you do this?”
“What if I did? The world does not spare alms.”
“Don’t be hasty. Be glad this swing’s a miss.”
I greet Morning with the usual deep sigh.
At least I could rewrite the things I’ve scribed.
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