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 Aug 2014
I am awake,
I cannot sleep,
For all I can think of is you.
I toss and turn,
But to no prevail,
If only you really knew.

The thought of you,
Has grown in me,
It's taken over my mind.
All I can see,
Is your smiling face,
I truly now am blind.

I will not rest,
Until you're with me,
I have no other choice.
For all I want,
Is to be with you,
And hear your precious voice.

So again I tell you,
I cannot sleep,
For you are all I need.
I will not rest,
Until I find you,
Then my sleep will be freed.
 Aug 2014
The man
On the moon,
And the girl
From the sun,
Came together
One fateful day.
They only past
Each other
To say hello,
There was no time
To stay.
 Aug 2014
Will you run away with me if I ask you?
 Aug 2014
Down goes
The sun,
Up goes
My heart.
The stars
Light the sky,
But you're all
I see.
I sit with
You now.
On top of
This hill.
You hold
My hand,
And I hold yours.
Let's stay here
I never want this moment
To end.
 Aug 2014
L ike fire it stings
O verwhelming the heart
V ery few can survive it's blast
E ventually it takes us all
 Aug 2014
Why can't I forget her? Why does she consume me?
 Aug 2014
I took a knife,
Cut my heart in two.
I gave a piece away,
I gave a piece to you.

So keep it safe,
And treat it well.
It's in you now,
That's where it dwells.
 Aug 2014
I smile on the outside, and die on the inside.
 Aug 2014
You're a dream and I don't want to wake up.
 Aug 2014
I better find some oven mitts for your hot love.
 Aug 2014
You set my heart on fire,
And watched it burn.
Then you walked away,
With no concern.

You could care less,
If I got hurt.
For now my heart,
Is just ash in the dirt.
 Aug 2014
My heart's on fire,
A flaming stone.
A shooting star,
Flying all alone.
Falling to earth,
Falling for you.
So say your wish,
And I'll make it come true.
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