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 Sep 2014
Your smile you like rain,
Soaks my soul,
Letting seeds of love,
Slowly take hold.
They're growing now,
Right in my heart.
Taking over my body,
Part by part.
This flower of love,
Inside of me,
It's taken over,
Can't you see.
You're all I know,
And all I love.
You feed the seeds,
I can't get rid of.
So invasive they are,
But I like the invasion.
I'm ready to surrender,
No need for persuasion.
 Aug 2014
The most beautiful words ever spoken are anything you say.
 Aug 2014
Your voice is my light,
In this dark cold world,
So never stop speaking to me.
If it weren't for you,
I'd be blind to all this,
And so for that I truly thank thee.
You brighten my life,
You fill it with joy,
Where have you been all this time.
I'm so happy I found you,
It was a pure stroke of luck,
Thank goodness I'm still in my prime
 Aug 2014
This is why I'm on this Earth, to love you.
 Aug 2014
I'm addicted to you, and I just can't get enough.
 Aug 2014
Every single word you say digs deeper into my heart.
 Aug 2014
Your love rushes through me,
Like a river so swift.
I think I'll let the current take me,
Let my body just drift.
No need to try and stay afloat.
I want to drown in you.
I want to sink my boat.
 Aug 2014
A man only needs
So much.
Just a little love
And some hope.
It can all go
A long way
If you let it.
 Aug 2014
Be my light. Be my love. Be all I imagined.
 Aug 2014
If only there were more like you,
If only you weren't so far away.
Then maybe we could really be friends,
And I could stop staring at this empty screen.
 Aug 2014
I was promised paradise,
But all I got was broken dreams.
As I pick up the pieces,
You put them back together.
If it weren't for you,
I would have never been fixed.
I wish I could thank you,
For saving my life.
 Aug 2014
Looked at by many,
And seen by few.
I walk through
The crowd,
In search
Of you.
I may just be
Some boy,
Average in all ways.
But I still need
Your love,
I'm caught
In a daze.
I'm lost when
You leave,
I cannot find
The trail.
I need you
To breathe,
You're the air
I inhale.
 Aug 2014
Every day you are gone, another piece of me dies.
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