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 Aug 2014
As I read
This book,
The story of love,
I wonder why,
we aren't on
The same page.
Have you skip
A chapter,
Or am I just
A slow reader.
 Aug 2014
We were perfect together,
Nothing could split us apart,
And then you left for a while.
When you came back,
Things just weren't the same,
I found it harder to smile.

We use to think the same,
But now we don't,
Why aren't we on the same page?
For now I fear,
That this is our end,
The end of a golden age.

I've tried my best,
To talk to you,
To explain why I am this way.
But you just won't listen,
You don't understand,
Please, I just want you to stay.

I know in my heart,
That if we can't work this out,
We won't last for very long.
But I hope we can,
I pray all the time,
I pray that I am wrong.

So please come back,
Come back to me,
It's time we make this right.
I'm not ready to lose you,
It's not our time.
Our spark we must reignite.

— The End —