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 Sep 2014
I'll just play my music quieter,
So you can sleep.
But how, oh how,
Can I silence this song.
 Aug 2014
Are we meant to be,
I ask myself,
Is this truly what I need?
I can't decide,
I'm just not sure,
Should I even proceed.

But then last night,
I had a dream,
And it told to me the truth.
We cannot work,
At least not right now,
Not in this subtle youth.

So it saddens me,
That this is the end,
At least for now you see.
Maybe I'm right,
Maybe I'm wrong,
Either way, it's better to be free.
 Aug 2014
I don't understand,
What's the big deal,
Why can't we just keep things chill.
It's worked so far,
Why make this weird,
I'm not looking for that kind of thrill.

Why do you persist,
And nag me so much,
I just don't want to do it.
It's not that I'm embarrassed,
Or don't like you,
It's just not the right fit.

I'm sorry that you don't get it,
That you are so confused,
But it's really not complicated.
We just keep things the same,
Don't worry at all,
And stay unsophisticated.
 Aug 2014
The moment you left
I knew trouble was coming,
I knew there was going to be
A bumpy road ahead.
And I was right.
Now that your back,
I've tried my best to
Fill in all the holes.
But I just don't know
If I'll have the time.
I do know for certain,
That I want this to work,
I hope our paths will
Once again diverge.
 Aug 2014
The moment I'm brave enough
To think like you,
You start to think
Like I use to.

But why?

How could this have happened?
How did we switch sides?
It all seems so strange to me.
I now fight for your cause,
And you now fight for mine.

Doesn't this battle
Just seem so pointless now?

                             ­   Just
             ­                                 In
                             ­                      My
 Aug 2014
What's different now, then was before? I think I've changed.
 Aug 2014
Is she the one,
The one fore me?
How can I be sure?
Why can't I see?
I know everything about her.
She's honestly the best.
So why am I still considering,
All off the rest?
Shouldn't it be clear,
So easy to know?
Why can't I just live,
And go with the flow.
Instead I fight it,
Afraid to be real.
I'm extremely scared,
To seal the deal.
Why does love have to be so confusing?
 Aug 2014
Gone for a second,
No worries here.
Gone for a minute,
I have no fear.
Gone for an hour,
It's been a while.
Gone for a week,
I try to hold my smile.
Gone for a month,
It's been so long.
Gone for a year,
What did I do wrong?
Gone for a decade,
I've lost all hope.
Gone forever,
I've learned to cope.
She's not coming back.
 Aug 2014
We write about love,
And it's ups and downs.
It's all we seem to know.
I know I'm guilty
Of this too,
My poems with surly show.

Forget about love,
Just for a while,
Take your mind off the thought.
Just relax and write,
About something new,
Whether you'd like to or not.

We all need a break,
From the stress of love.
So let's take a short vacation.
Let's wait a bit,
To bring back love,
Hold off it's reincarnation.
 Aug 2014
Do you really want me,
Or just someone to call your own?
Because I want you bad,
And I hope thats shown.

You keep asking,
To make things "official".
But this relationship,
Is starting to feel superficial.

We are already together,
Isn't that enough.
I don't want to announce it to the world,
I hate that kind stuff.

So I guess I'm saying,
You'll have to choose.
It's me or the title,
One you have to lose.

*We shouldn't measure our love for people by the titles we put on our relationships with them, but by how much we care about them and they care about us.
 Aug 2014
Love like time,
Patient and forever.
Be lasting and true,
And always endeavor.

Love like water,
Deep and clear.
Care for your partner,
And keep them near.

Love like fire,
Passionate and hot.
Be who you are,
Don't be who you're not.

Love like stone,
Heavy and strong.
If you do all of this,
You can't go wrong.
 Aug 2014
You say
Things don't work
This way,
That this
Isn't how
It's suppose to happen.
Who decided
That there was
A right way,
And who decided
This was wrong?
Things happen as they will,
And I believe
We should just go
With the flow.
Don't try to fight it,
Just because you think
We didn't do something
In the right order,
Doesn't mean
It's wrong.
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