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 Jan 2014
Seán Mac Falls
Out of Greek myth, she
Glowed at the party and proved,
Stories I had told.
 Jan 2014
Seán Mac Falls
Love, looked at itself,
Came upon nubile innocents,
Threw down with jaded sun,
Made its own bed in the open,
Earth rained for a thousand days,
Evolution birthing in the flood,
Meteors could not wait to fall,
Comets not wait to strike,
Oceans drowned in salt,
Evaporated whilst the whole wide
Swirl, turned and glazed upon
An arc of celestial remnants.
 Jan 2014
Seán Mac Falls
He shuffles his muffled way through cardboard aisles,
Oblivious, sheltered, speaking in a mumble of tongues,
His piecemeal truths search for all that is meaningless,
Where he carves a gravestone—arguments in the rows.
 Jan 2014
Seán Mac Falls
Downy in a bed of cotton clouds—
Faraway under seas of coral and wave,
The maritimes of fair and lonely currents
Cast us away and dropped our weary souls
On a lost strand of some great ocean landing,
Circe appeared, was knowing, to greet us as we
Woke, led us to a citadel island above of the sky,
We dranked of thirst, her fey sweet potions in haste,
Made our way in flight to kiss misadventures escape
And mired in woods fell once again, innocent before
The dawning break of a greenly seeded eternal day,
Blue eyes born, became, in the spotted branches,
Freckled arms and barks of ever reaching hair
Praised in silence and timely mystic wanes
Quivered in peace like a yearling doe
As never leaves were blanketing
And the moon sang with toe,
Our eyes sank lowly, softly,
Only to spark upon tides
Of the glittering pools
With starry eyes
Glowing new
In lovelight
Of dear
 Dec 2013
Seán Mac Falls
I saw you in dream,
We walked together,
Like truly it had once been,
The comfort of always you in hand,
The sun's caress, the open skies,
A secret valley, fields beyond
The first breaking,
Dawns perfection,
Then music, newly made
Played on, seeping
A soft étude of warm drops,
Rain so gently dripping,
The whole meadow began to move,
Yellow butterflies and red winged warblers
Wafting round circuitous, ceremonious,
Soothed in simple harmony,
We made our barefoot way,
Toes in the sands,
Passed lofty streams, came upon
Golden gleams, glens, surprised
By lake shores seams and slowly,
Without fortune, gazed
Into the creaking sadness
Of blue
Suddenly, we slid, fell
Amid rolling tears
Filling our eyes,
And my hands reached
Out into nothingness . . .
I awoke into steadfast
Silence and smoke
Of low, deepest night,
Tarnish taste of sloe
Burn and cold blackness,
Hopeless, banished,
Before the running after fall,
Near inklings of those
Only, once known,
Hues, fading,
 Dec 2013
Seán Mac Falls
Wind whispered to sands,
All lines of the palm shall touch,
And the child was born.
Merry Crimble!  Happy Christmas!
 Dec 2013
Seán Mac Falls
Eight hours of work, eight hours must I sleep,
I can only weep, I realize my life is passing by,
Oh O O O Om . . .
My life gets in the way of living.

Creative people try and lonely people sigh,
I can only weep, I realize my life is passing by,
Oh O O O Om . . .
My life gets in the way of living.

    Travels I would make, cause my heart to break,
    For misery and ecstasy are one.
    Tibetan book of the dead, red rivers I have bled
    And temple walls, they speak of—

My life gets in the way of living.

Years spent in school, we learn but never do
And if you have a woman, or a man,
Your life is spent, by a factor of ten,
Oh O O O Om . . .
My life gets in the way of living.
 Dec 2013
Seán Mac Falls
Man of science,
Only sees what is there,
Wants to build the fence.

Man of religion,
Out of nothing sees everything,
Wants to envision the fence.

Man of philosophy,
Out of everything sees nothing,
Wants to sit on the fence.
 Dec 2013
Seán Mac Falls
How could I not— know . . .
See the noncut of soaring eyes,
Approach, moist, ****** and tidal,
Waves so searingly laden with tear,
Flame, forged in some mythic winter
Frozen as I was, before the rush of ice
And flows of glacier, I heard the loudest
Break of open silence in the seep and roar
Of depths' deepest, dark, coldest ocean waters,
  .  .  .  Before sweet suffocations of the very colour
White and saw the dim fates of fade, emergence of blue,
Hearts drowning.
 Dec 2013
Seán Mac Falls
Light in motley Pub—
Mellow joy only musicians know,
  .  .  .  Face on lone piper.
 Dec 2013
Seán Mac Falls
Savage left jungle,
Built the fittest selfish tribe,
  .  .  .  One mad tea party.

Is a well-celebrated secular holiday celebrated on December 23 which serves as an alternative to participating in commercialism associated with Christmas.

Airing of Grievances
The celebration of Festivus begins with the "Airing of Grievances", which takes place immediately after the Festivus dinner has been served. It consists of each person lashing out at others and the world about how they have been disappointed in the past year.
 Dec 2013
Seán Mac Falls
I wake to alarm—
Under sink pots, pans banging,
Breakfast time for cat.
 Dec 2013
Seán Mac Falls
She took the flower that she loved,
Planted him in the burning sun,
A desert formed around and the morning dew,
Were tears the flower cried,
It nearly died.

She took the flower that she loved,
Brought him near, into her house,
Her house was cold and dry, with no light to see,
The flower could not leave,
It nearly died.

She took the flower that she loved,
Found the place where he belonged,
Without walls, in shade of sunshine, where flowers bloom,
In peace they bear no pain,
And rarely die.
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