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 May 2014
1:23 am, this exhale just brought me back to life
The music has influenced my environment
Strangers and lovers and thirsty hearts lingering in my presence
Being pulled by my sides by you and reminded I was beautiful
1:27 am That moment made me reassure my being
I was loved, I was drunk, I was high, I was in love
And that’s all it took, we danced, we danced, and we danced.
Tongues hungry for each other’s minds
Your knowledge excites me; your heart evaporates in me softly.
Your touch is irresistible, and I’d be a fool if I decided to resist you.
3:00 am the goodbyes were a mess
Is this forever can we be that again
Can we do that again and again
Come back and love me I want to be around you again.
4:00 am your knowledge excites me, you’re in my mind, you’re in my tongue, you’re in my breath, you’re in my ear, you’re in my sense, you’re in my head.
Back and forth, it was you, all about you.
5:00 am intoxicated thoughts.

— The End —