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 Feb 9
Austin Draper
You are the cage that trapped many.
But binded so many more in legitimacy.
While concentrating a dominant nature
You still remain in your ghostly form.
Many still taking you as you were
But many playing with your eyes.
You aren’t gone
But to some they wish it was.
I am not sure
(How the dust settles.)
Relationships are complicated, and many people close to me are having marital problems. So this was written at a time of questioning if "Till Death Do Us Part" is a bit of exaggerative hyperbole.
 Jan 11
Austin Draper
Wanting to think unbiased but working reproduction into their logic regardless.
Hunting forged us and no longer does it. Work in a world that from outside would seem alien to us.
But the very people themselves haven’t changed much. They stay the same in a world of change but not change in some places.
The more they have, the more they have. That’s it. But no, they need more. They need to fight for more or lose less in the more.
We worked together to live but now what? We have built what fundamentally destroys ourselves. But do we?
We indeed only make the things that come to us.
A Prose poem about our evolution as a human race.
 Jan 2
Austin Draper
You have what I cannot, Security of Normalcy.
Your problems and even your flaws, Surety of Normalcy.

To wish I had what others have in I, a standard and check.
Why can’t I? I am ungrateful I have an Immaturity of Normalcy.

For I am not good enough. I hate me! What is mine isn’t passable!
So Premature they are though, Their lives Obscure. Insecure of My, no our Impurity of Normalcy.
High School is tough, especially so Freshman year. Being a poet, never really fit in. So, just fear not. [Refrain Type] (zs*l2%Ax1}x2%_)
 Jan 1
Austin Draper
Words be formed linear in the ways
That they are. But emotions not serve
That function of same. Language is below the curve
For our ambitions, and our thoughts. Stay flaws, Stay.
A poem focusing on a run-on hectic feel and talking about how Language is not to our purpose.  [Envelope] (A B B w*Asw*A)
 Dec 2018
Austin Draper
The same bed and blood shamed eyes I must wake with
Of why can’t time dance? Why must I live with me? Smith thy myth!
A short couplet about how life remains the same. [Non-Rhythmic Couplet] (A A)
 Dec 2018
Austin Draper
Win, luck to fill the sail of mine
Roll, time to see what I will own
All I have is in a pile, only to be gone
Doubles, keep going. Papa needs no more loan!

NO! She won’t love me anymore, it’s almost sunrise.
Winning streak is my character, at least to her.
This money is the stuff I use to survive!
All this went by in an undecipherable blur!

Why did I do this, WHY?
Snake eyes, I lost it all I can’t deny.
Now what all there is to do is cry.

For there once was a world of glass
Where the land is of class
Although I wouldn’t know
I’m without their glow
My friendships are though like theirs, as thick as glass.
A story about gambling, very relevant as much of my Family is in close Proximity to Las Vegas. (- A a A} B C b C} D D D}[Interjection]- w*E E F F sw*E)
 Dec 2018
Austin Draper
The bridge must be built
Glorious gates made like quilt
The people on both sides must again agree
Business will suffer if ****’s bridge is to wilt.
A Really unique poem, just one to defy expectation. (A5 A7 B8 A11)
 Dec 2018
Austin Draper
Honestly, know what you want to
Facts can’t be forgotten
Your opinions can be what they are  
Evidence is why we are unrotten

Humans have such angst
Everyone has their own opinion
So much change that is too far
Personal preference makes us not a minion

Uniformity is unrealized inner chaos
Don’t fix what ain’t broke
Personal expression makes you shine like a star
Alternate facts make our race choke

The system is only ruled by few and those who speak otherwise are false
Don’t blow issues out of proportion
Those who rule just make us at the bottom scar
Don’t make it so that tradition is viewed distortion

Honestly, know what you want to
Facts can’t be forgotten
Your opinions can be what they are
Evidence is why we are unrotten
Know yourself, Humans are terrible things.
I'm just so grateful I have some great people who read my poems! I'm so humbled, and glad I can make someones day better. This poem is about Opinions, and how they clash. (/r* =R2r*+Ax1> R2r*+A/17^21} C D A D}x2>+1 +1 A +1<}\ \)
 Dec 2018
Austin Draper
Whence I came
I thought of fame.
And through the fate of stardom
I became in the height of a tsardom.
And how I could leech on Democracy,
To form myself a brand new autocracy.
Born through hypocrisy.

I was overthrown
My throne,
Had overgrown.
The rests of the throne are crevices for infection.
But those who overthrow forget themselves the cure.
Though I technically will from now post in Chronological order, this is one of my favorites from just a few months ago. Just about revolution and any change.
(AA sB*AB aC* C C}D D D s* a*)

— The End —