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 Nov 2018
It taste like metal
The blazing copper
The flying bullet
I haven’t tasted it
But it tasted like metal

It’s hard to travel
In the world’s novel
The life’s poetry
The designed banditry
The plain puppetry
 Nov 2018
As well as being empty
Pain hurts so much
So much I can’t tell how much.
For a while, then ephemeral happiness
Hallucinations, not existing at all
Deadly, as a rogue tide, a fall.
In a pit of regret fallen
Like being forced to
Something tied to
Or my point of view.
As a dual mind
Or a bipolar patient
Goals can’t be reached
A slippery thing can’t be grabbed
Eject the old cassette.
 Nov 2018
The boogyman in front of me
Frighten me, haunting me
When I hear it growl
When I hear it grumble
Under bedsheets I’m hiding
In terror I’m trembling
I hated the dark

One day, on a sleepover night
There was a friend
Who asked me: is that
A baggy coat,
And a hat?
This poem is inspired by this little incident I had:
I saw the movie “The Babadook” the othe night. After I watched it, I went to bed to sleep. At one point I was playing on my phone, lights out and alone, I glanced at the wall of my room, there was that creepy figure standing in front of me. I pointed the lights of my phone’s screen on it, waiting for it to come and get me. After few secondes I realized its my moms Jellaba hanged on the wall. LOL
 Nov 2018
I’m the nameless, nobody
Born of a nameless, nonexistent mum
And a nameless, nonexistent dad
In a placeless city
New in town and I don’t mind
To re-shape my mind
By a town that is so ruthless,
So thoughtless and -
I am feeble
But certainly in a new form
A new coming storm,
A cyclone,
A cyclops,
A mongrel
Decapitating your approval and pity
I’m glass, seen through and sharp
An undecipheral writing
Meticulously weird and uncanny
I’m a boy, a girl
A maniac,
A brainiac,
A pyromaniac,
A junior granny
It’s funny
Wondering why I’m the way I am
You sculptor -
I’m leaving,
Somewhere where I will not find you
For the bullied and the forgotten generation.

Can’t we find a solution instead of demolition, intentionally or unintentionally?
 Nov 2018
Madeline Thetard
I used to shut my closet door
before closing my eyes each night
hoping that I was the only breathing being
in my room

I used to sleep facing the window
in case a monster came for me
I would rather watch myself fight
a losing battle than be surprised

I used to run up from the basement
with one arm behind me
and one arm in front
like a shield of limbs
protecting me always

I used to hide from monsters
and dragons and dark beings
with slippery scales and dripping fangs

I wonder what caused me to stop
being afraid of monsters
and start hiding from
humans clad in stealthy clothing
vying to steal my last breath
 Nov 2018
bailey defrees
I wanna die
I wanna cry
I hate my life
I wanna die
I can't handle this
I can't live
I can't live without her
I don't know what to do
I want to kms
I wish i was dead
I want to die
I hate my life
I miss her
I can't do this
I can't handle this
I wanna die so ******* bad
 Nov 2018
Look at the mirror
Unfolding the ugliness I hold
Shackled within
Behind this pretty, florescent image
Do you see me
 Nov 2018
Inside this empty tank
The world is voiceless, so was me
The notes are blank
There is no Do. No Re. No Mi

Life is a walk, in labyrinthian halls
As if I’m weightless in black
Groping the walls
Going forth, going back

Screams are gone with the wind
As soon as it comes out of this tongueless mouth
Some phrases are broken and some are bend
And many words refused to go out

I wanted to write a cheering poem
I thought of gloomy one, darker than dark
In a dark place I lost control on the steering wheel
My ship of thoughts in the sea of tears embarked
But here I am, I hear, I see, I speak and feel

— The End —