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 Nov 2018
Madeline Thetard
I used to shut my closet door
before closing my eyes each night
hoping that I was the only breathing being
in my room

I used to sleep facing the window
in case a monster came for me
I would rather watch myself fight
a losing battle than be surprised

I used to run up from the basement
with one arm behind me
and one arm in front
like a shield of limbs
protecting me always

I used to hide from monsters
and dragons and dark beings
with slippery scales and dripping fangs

I wonder what caused me to stop
being afraid of monsters
and start hiding from
humans clad in stealthy clothing
vying to steal my last breath
 Nov 2018
bailey defrees
I wanna die
I wanna cry
I hate my life
I wanna die
I can't handle this
I can't live
I can't live without her
I don't know what to do
I want to kms
I wish i was dead
I want to die
I hate my life
I miss her
I can't do this
I can't handle this
I wanna die so ******* bad

— The End —