Feb 2014

In the deep dark past, is where the answers lye
you'll have to get your hands dirty to understand why,
you may not like what you find,
in a soul, black as night,
but if you stay for a little while,
you could find the light,
the beauty hidden inside

 Feb 2014
Kirsten Lovely

You are not condemned
To the confines of life
Nor the sounds of being locked in
And hit by dirt
You do not belong
To the flowers they send
The wishes they write
Or the tree they plant in your name
You are not prisoner
To a shallow grave
And a shallower gravestone
Not even to the duties you left behind
You have not been claimed
By the years you will not see
The tears you cannot dry
Or the hugs you cannot return
You are not captive
To the sounds and words
That defined you
Or the way people shaped you
Because you are free from condemnation
From the clutch of sickness
Free to leave and wipe the tears
And hug the ones that hesitate
To throw the dirt over the years
You are free from prison,
From proclamation,
From captivity and condemnation
To help and to inspire
And to free others from a prison
Of grief.

To Christopher Carney and family. May a battle as hard as this never touch your lives again.
Rest in peace, Mr. Carney.
Beloved teacher and friend
1968 (I'm unsure of the date- February 20th, 2014

— The End —