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 Dec 2021
Terry Collett
Her eyes
are bright stars
the dark corridors
from his mind

he purses her lips
to say cold words

her *******
are mountains
on which
he attempts to mount

her secret valley
the cave
is the door to life
the place he dreams of
in his lonely bed
in his tormented head..
 Dec 2021
Eshwara Prasad
Think of me only on the day you want to abandon me completely.
 Dec 2021
Eshwara Prasad
My ego is the Universe's tallest tower. I can't see myself from that vantage point!
 Dec 2021
Neville Johnson
"More juju in the mojo,"
The little lady said
We were heading into Memphis
Speedometer on red
A whistle stop adventure
Going coast to coast
Lost inside America
So that we could boast that we had done it
Just up and gone away
We saved up our marbles
Time for what the hey

We camped by many rivers
Heard the wild goose call
Took the other route
Got the back story
Made it up as we went along
Day by day we made our way
Each one a stanza in our song

The journey is not over yet
We're still on the run
She wants to see the South, she says
With more juju in the mojo
No need to look back
Asteroids out to destroy us and
employers wanting to employ us
is there no end to these catastrophes?

'Give me a home where the Buffalo roam'
and I promise that I'll learn to make glue,
and isn't that what we do,
break things and try to put them together
with glue?

Elsa, ( the lion)
always trying
but you can't fool me
never was born free,
and it won't take too long
before all the wildlife has gone,

things die,
look at Ngorongoro
a crater today and
a crater tomorrow,
but once
it was wild and
probably the biggest ever volcano.

Now there's nowhere to go
but to the end
where we're all going.
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