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I want to be different,
I want to take my love ...
and say to miss you my sweet petal
There is no greater sorrow not see you ...

Forgive me for not coming back ...
before my absence would cause your death,
Wait for me ... I'll tell you ... and I miss you
with my immortality Feel you...!

How I miss you...!!

Jose Luis Carreño Troncoso / CR  15 -
Find You

Every time I hear your voice my voice speaks for yours ...
every time I think start thinking and I end up thinking about you,
but all the more times I remember you ...
It is just as I do not think you ...

every time I remember you wanted to go back and touch your hand
as a white root water
every time you guess, I imagine smiling
filling dark parts of my being.

curiosity called me as well as my prison sentence,
feel attached to you and not empty nothing to everything,
but take as a whole.

I know I'll see you at night and my soul will rest,
he longed to have you because she enjoys you,
even when you absent these, but want to blow on your cheek
the beauty of feeling the warmth of your words.
giving tilt my head to rest it on you.

I might take like a flower and plant yourself in the lines of my hands,
in order to know more of your white collar, to take over your body,
until you clear the lines of my hands of both adore.

I know I put our heads together on the leaves,
and the leaves break the silence to say with my lips
the tenderness that numbs my words and my mouth,
to defy the force of the stars to hug and kiss you.

my lips and my heart smile wet at the edge of a river,
and I think every time before a humble piece of stream
touching my feet; Think about the time you double the corner
believing walking behind me were coming to give me your sympathy grace.

my lips smile that always come,
but do not look back,
appearing as a wish of yours and mine
that slips pretending to be an enthusiasm.

but my skin want your sun, which makes sun, your skin
my heart wish your hands so that you shake
my soul upright in his moral extends through your body as tripartite;
unnamed your anxieties, your blessed feel ...
and my eyes that sometimes yearn to know that your eyes are away from
mine enjoying the beauties of the world.

on crisp leaves silence your sweet voice makes my kisses,
and your mouth will seal fearful passion,
taking our hands and brushing silent crunchy
Crumbling leaves chanting your name and mine.

when you come swinging will open the puffs of wind,
hold my breath to see barefoot and dream my
Belly want to draw your geography ...
as an alliance that unites sheet by sheet,
that unites high heaven looking adorned with lights.

lie down every night in my sheets,
so we cross our clasped hands,
we will touch the stars that will make us sleep ...
whenever your hands are not intertwined with mine
talk about other things in the world.

will remember the starry sky uniting our thoughts,
weaving and calming my whole dream to kiss,
the next time I see you not cease to tell you;
that no harmonious feel more open way, as sheltering your image with my numb hands
by debug of exile and cold untouchable.

unite our dreams as a pale light,
we´ll join in our service and the sky of your forest,
calling in the early evening
looking for you to hold you whole.

Jose Luis Carreño Troncoso /  Copyright  2000.
Chile South America
I love the simple fact of thinking,
you that I love you not for your blood ...
but because you are a flower
that rests his head on my universe.

My hands smell your sweet hair,
scattered will feel blessed
I sing well without despair
whose golden peace in your image becomes clear ...

With my kisses transfer my manners used
see you in sunny days,
so the sun shines digging my dreams of being your shadow ...

My heart washes a crack,
it your eyes are weary
who they yearn for her beloved membrane iris
filling the rivers of my opponent's leisure,
looking pronounce your voice ..
and the breakdown of his departure ...

My wealth  sleep in your eyes,
and between evils is not expected mourn my heart
to see if they share your favour,
believing drop the living part in your hands ...

But I'll risk on your behalf,
and living piece belong to the bare life of summer;
presence of my live and see you reap the fruits of my love
idle the heart of summer brought me in your dreams ...

Come close my eyelids,
sleep open my chest ...
deepening the tenderness of your face ...
If one day I was sad,
it was for the vast fortuneless not know your face;
emerging as the delicate flower in spring ...

If it is denied me your face ...
singing laugh by rain,
and the more rain,
I love you more ...

Why sing your beautiful smile today ...?
God will be philosophy ...
or those made melodies of my conscience,
I feel regretful that shrink ...

Maybe it's the air you breathe beautiful inside me
knotting the tulip flowers on the field dreamed ...
or capricious knots of my soul,
young death squeezing in the corner ...

When you turn this beautiful candle;
you see beautiful smile flying beyond despair ...
watching your walk near my poems ...

My madness brief for you,
It's like winning your sky ...
He laughs too proud to learn that a secret,
runs through the fields to kiss your hands ...

Now I'm afraid to run away and be my destroyer ...
I just want the flame of your life
jump to the roof of my heart
and say with gentle gestures of your face,
Here I come to do your grief like mine,
see where your laughter despite my blindness
hitting my eyes adoring you ...!

Do not talk with deadly words
talk to dreams that are passions of hell feel ...
and so gentle message of your love,
I have to entrust your peace and service ...
raising hopes for new ...

I ask the confidence of call,
with all the names that talk about you ...!

José Luis Carreño Troncoso /  copyright 15
Sometimes afars from my Life, every time it's closing to the Life Dead.

— The End —