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aubrey hill Jan 29
The late-night talks,
The cute text messages and compliments,
The small dates,
The innocence in every word,
The hearts of two becoming one,
An incredible shared experience.
But what happens when this all gets old,
When the late-night talks turn into ignoring each other’s call,
When the messages and compliments disappear,
When the dates cease,
When the innocence turns bitter,
Everything falls apart,
Including the hearts of those who fell.
Yes, love is great,
But does it ever last?
aubrey hill Jan 24
I miss you so much
I know I did you wrong
and I know I can't ask you to stay
cuz you look so happy with her
I can't take that away from you
so I watch from a distance
as your life moves on without me
aubrey hill Jan 23
they say the eyes are the windows to the soul
what happens if the window has been broken
if tears have shattered the gateway
will the soul turn dark
will it also be broken

— The End —