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Claudia Lewis May 2014
I am free.
My feet may be wounded,
But I can still use my wings.
Claudia Lewis Nov 2013
The only passion I posses
Dresses like the devil
Adorned with anger
Dripping with jewels of jealousey

She bathes in tsunamis,
Stirs her tea with tornadoes
Each step is an earthquake
Every breath is thunder

I give her the key to my kingdom
She rules my Temple of temper
The only part of me that's still alive
Claudia Lewis Nov 2013
I feel
Alone lying next to you in bed at night.
You look at me all the time
but you never see me.

This isn't what I want.
Claudia Lewis Aug 2013
I will be your moon..
I will move your tide.
I will light up your sky.
I will orbit you.
Claudia Lewis Jul 2013
A body of bluest shadows
Tainted with frosbitten doubt
A stinging
A burning

Twisted vines of hope
Confuse the state of being
Of sorrow
Of yearning

Pain of the limbs
And hope of the mind
Claudia Lewis Jun 2013
Its the way the light
Luminated from the moon
Bounces off the hills
Claudia Lewis Jun 2013
mon coeur est triste.
mon esprit est mort.
mon monde est vide.
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