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Clarisa Jan 2014
I see your eyes wander towards her body
seeing every curve of her hips, her lucious ***, lovely chest
I see you clench your hands and gather your courage
and I see you turn and walk away without a word
what you will never see
is the way you looked at her..
that is exactly how I look at you..
Clarisa May 2013
Your kiss like fire
Your love like a summer
My realty is winter
Sadley your all I
Clarisa May 2013
A kiss
All I want
Is a kiss
Sweet soft and kind
I don't need passion
I don't want rough
I need cairing
A little kiss
Is that so much
To ask?
Clarisa May 2013
I run to the more
The winds are flying high caring
Me away
The birds are screaming
In the torrent of fear
They don't see the Angels
As they see me pass by
They don't know
I wanted to
Clarisa May 2013
I met this girl
This girl is sweet
An kind
And just
I never new
I needed
Until I had
Now I know
I can't live without
I met my half sister for the first time today. We are just alike and I already know I love her dearly.
Clarisa May 2013
I sit and laugh
and giggle and
your words flow
over and
we will enjoy
the night
and love the day
and say good-bye
to yesterday
Clarisa May 2013
Some days maybe I want
To be burned
Somedays maybe I want
To touch the
Maybe somedays I want
To feel
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