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Clare Nov 2020
They create their own truths
Where peace is possible
Through weapons and wars
And sacrifices of the young...
You take pride in it.

They promise a better life
Is in cities and highrises
The price of which is future
And half your lives...
You join the line in silence.

They pick on the weak
With no paper proof
To show that they belong
And must to be heard too...
You fail to hear them.

They make you believe
You belong to a country
That is in dire need
So you ought to pay the fees...
You rush to fill those pockets.

You will be the Other
No name, nowhere to hide
They will put you as the price
So that the rest may live by
They will tighten your noose...

And the world will watch.
Clare Feb 2019
What happens when we talk?
I know what you want to hear
And I know what you want not
There comes a slippery *****
Words go down the drain
They evade any meaning
Yet, they sound the same...

My dearest, when we talk
To you, I open my heart
There's love, hope and joy
That every soul has sought
But these words, my lifelong bane
They evade any meaning
Yet, they sound the same...

Hear me, when we talk
My silences are wrought
To say much in less than thought
How our lives seem so choked
With words that play their game
They evade any meaning
Yet, they sound the same.
Clare Jul 2018
Behold the give-up generation
That's out of land to run
Fearing mental castration
Out comes the rusted guns,
Get off the cursed confessional
The needle is now spun
Having no stake, no possession,
The hunted now shall hunt
Clare Dec 2017
Been cut so clean
With words so sharp
Hanging in there
Bare threads of life
No where to turn
No where to run
The deals once done
But now just begun

What have you been fighting for...?
Clare Nov 2017
When did we grow too old?
Our souls and dreams now sold
Too old to laugh and smile
To go the extra mile
Too old to say 'Need a hug'
To share the tales of hurt...

When did we grow so old
Nothing ever shocks anymore
The deaths the births unplanned
Basic rights being banned
All pass by, we shrug
No question, no if, no but...

Tell me, when did we grow so old
That tears and cries became cold
From doers, we are now undone
Dreams like a drowning sun
Will there be another dawn
For our spirit to be reborn...?
Clare Sep 2017
The gunman is a friend.
He was born in this street
He played in our arms
We saw him bawl and grow
Feel the pain of being alive
We turned our heads on time
To ignore the early signs
"Oye boy! Get outta here."
Let him live in fear
He's a problem, not mine.
He'll do just fine.
If not, we can always say
The gunman is no friend,
Just another headline.
Clare Apr 2016
We tripped on our words
My Lord, they can hurt
Why go the same road
For life we abhorred
We've done some wrongs
Over bars and bongs
Let's skip the routine
Of counting the falls
Go all the way off
Than be half and half.
The wounds are too deep
Our path too steep
Let's find a little shade
and nurse the scars
Let's give and take
Of what we make
No heaven, no hell
For us to wait
We live through others
In names and tongues
My love, you and I
Till we're undone.
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