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Claire S Oct 2010
When I was young
I dressed up for fun
I laughed and played
Rolled in grass all day

When I was young
School was coloring
And listening to stories
And the unwanted nap time

When I was young
I hated sharing
I made the rules
Or you didn't get to play

When I was young
Life was carefree
It was all about me
And I could be just me.

But now a lot has changed.

Where did time go.... And how do I go back?
I wish I still had nap time and color pages all day... Back to kindergarten :)

I did learn how to share though
Claire S Oct 2010
My emotions **** me in to the pit of black
I can't turn around, no going back.
" I know your here," I yell and scream
But my fear hides along the seams.
It sulks and slide, creaks, and moans
A sound so disheartening, it chills my bones.
It waits to scare my faint heart
but my heart is not faint
He can not chip it's protective paint
There I stand, holding strong
Resisting the urge to run along
But I am here for one thing
" I am here to scare, but no fear i will feel.
Confront me now." my head begins to reel.
" Come forth, Fear, Come and see.
For now you shall be fearing me."
Hello everyone... i'm slightly rusty around the edges and need some rust remover? anyway comments would be amazing... i would love feedback :)
Claire S Aug 2010
I started writing to spill out my inside
To imagine things without judgement
To tell hidden secrets to the world

I started writing for my happiness
To lift the world off my shoulder
if only for the time being

I started to write to feel free
Free of drama and stress
Free of pain and depression

I learned how to channel it into
this was my self expression

but soon the inspiration
the way i let go

and here I am now
left with feeling i can't describe
stuck with a cliche
CLAIRE all bottled up like a coke S.
Claire S May 2010
Where has this love gone,

Am I just the Players Pawn...
MAY 10, 2010
Claire S May 2010
that we fit in so thinly
It is a very dark house
And there happens to be a mouse
We sit here night and day
While eating candy, we play
doll house and pick-up-stix
running around eating chex-mix
We Live in Fort Kinley
in which we fit so thinly
My friend Emmy and i made a Swweet Fort that we name named FORT KINLEY. so we wrote a poem about our awesome fort
Claire S Apr 2010
I fall asleep to a steady drum,
the beat whooshing me away into sleep.
Quiet footsteps dance around me
The patter of their feet draws me in deeper.
I hardly hear a tap at my window
As a free soul stands outside
It waits for me to come join him
to dance with him in the rain...
Claire S Apr 2010
Donde está mi amor
El ido lejos
Sirve mayor
O, mi amor
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