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2.0k · Oct 2012
Public Restroom.
ck Oct 2012
There is one in every corner of this building.
I just want to be alone.
Go find another one.
Dumb *******.
1.6k · Aug 2014
coca cola
ck Aug 2014
I waited and
I do not know what this is supposed to
I am sure it had nothing to do with
Coca Cola.
I am sure it has everything to do with
Coca Cola.
930 · Oct 2014
ck Oct 2014

The end.
846 · Oct 2012
ck Oct 2012
Sitting here, in this dark room.
***** white blinds,
and a bed sheet runs through.
A temporary bed on the kitchen floor.
Looking through smoke filled air,
I can't say I don't want more.
819 · Oct 2012
ck Oct 2012
An elderly couple,
In a car,
On a highway,
And two old bikes strapped to the rear.
780 · Feb 2014
Suicidal Boyfriend
ck Feb 2014
You are helpless,
I know.
You are miserable,
I know.
There is nothing I can do,
I know.
I know you are gone.
I know.
666 · Oct 2012
I have to go.
ck Oct 2012
She looks at him, full of regret and sorrow.
He stares back, his eyes expressing genuine sadness.
All of the pressure has taken over her.
Everything she wants, she shouldn't.
Everything needed for social survival, she doesn't want.
660 · Oct 2012
ck Oct 2012
Today I found out that I am alone.
No one to turn to,
and no where to call home.
634 · Oct 2012
Thoughts While Driving.
ck Oct 2012
Shouldn’t we want to be ugly?
To have someone love us,
and be aesthetically incompetent.  
There would be no doubt,
no doubt in my mind.
That is to be truly loved.
Who wouldn’t want that?
616 · Oct 2012
ck Oct 2012
Anxiously awaiting,
a gasp of breath.
The slight sound,
a single word with endless depth.
Never-ending thoughts leave me lost,
in seas of awe.
Painting pictures of your mind,
thoughts forever without flaw.
591 · Oct 2012
Which Way.
ck Oct 2012
My car.
Something that could take us anywhere,
anywhere at all we want to go.
That was where we were,
where we diminished the disconnection between us.
We know that we are capable of anything,
but only as we.
My car,
it became our possibility.
544 · Sep 2014
ck Sep 2014
Waiting and
nothing at the
do not exist.
534 · Nov 2012
ck Nov 2012
It's all I feel.
477 · Aug 2014
ck Aug 2014
I stood from your bed.
My back towards you,
As you said,
"The most perfect silhouette."
You grabbed me,
"Don't leave yet."
I never wanted to leave,
But did anyway.
Something is not right.
I could not stay.
472 · Oct 2012
ck Oct 2012
I don’t know what to write today.
So I don’t.
But I will again.
And then I won’t.
471 · Oct 2012
ck Oct 2012
The excitement of it all.
To go here.
To go there.
To go anywhere at all.
The thrill of it all.
To get it.
To be happy.
To finally have you here with me.
452 · Oct 2014
Unattainable Love
ck Oct 2014
I didn't expect it happen fast.
Or at all
considering my past.
What I hoped for though
was more than this.
Something you mentioned to me
after a kiss.
The thing is you have been in love with someone.
As have I.
And now it ends.
Unattainable love is real to most people. Putting it aside to try to find attainable love with someone else is sometimes very hard.
443 · Dec 2012
ck Dec 2012
I don't know what I care about.
What I don't care about.
I'm taking a break from this paper,
that I certainly don't care about,
nor do I not care about.
So this is it.
These words on this paper.
This is what stresses.
How ******* stupid.
402 · Feb 2014
See You on the Dark Side
ck Feb 2014
Sure, I'll see you.
See you ------

**** it.
I'm not feeling inspired.
Realizing you have not inspired me.
375 · Jan 2014
ck Jan 2014
I am surely not crazy.
There are way crazier out there.
I am surely not a lunatic.
I surely do not hear things that are not there to hear.
I surely do not see things that are not there to see.
No one would lock me up, nor would they restrain me.
I am free.
I am not crazy and I am free.
To not feel crazy would be really cool.
366 · Oct 2014
ck Oct 2014
You were my first.
You were my longest, real thing.
I don't know why I didn't open myself up to you more.
I remember when you told me you "weren't looking for anything".
But, that you still enjoyed my company and cared about me more than most people.
This happened when you lost your job.
You were outside, exchanging words with some sort of boss.
I looked out at this through your window, shivering, naked.
I knew it wasn't good.
I got up, put my clothes on, and walked to my car.
You immediately saw me and followed.
I got in, you got in.
You asked me to come back inside, that it was cold and we could lay in bed and forget whatever was happening.
I didn't go back inside.
I went to see someone else, someone I shouldn't have.
I told you I was going home.
I lied.
I wish I would have stayed with you.
Maybe things would be different now.
Maybe things wouldn't be different now.
It was a hard time for you.
The anniversary of your mother's suicide, the loss of your job.
You were in no shape for me, I know.
And I didn't even know I loved you until it all ended.
This is hard.
365 · Nov 2014
ck Nov 2014
I am only here.
It's not for you,
or her,
or him,
or them.
I am only here.

I am only here.
Maybe not even for myself.
342 · Oct 2012
ck Oct 2012
Your passion for knowing,
that’s what I love.
334 · Oct 2014
ck Oct 2014
Is what I am.
He sees it, she sees it, you see it.
Never finding words.
That's what boring is.
It's okay.
Talking to myself
Keeps me safe.
Safe and boring.
That is what I will be.
324 · Jan 2014
ck Jan 2014
Crashing waves of inspiration and
I’m lost.
312 · Jan 2014
ck Jan 2014
Desk. Shelf. Lamp.
293 · Nov 2014
ck Nov 2014
engine off.
Mind wandering, but,
mostly to your body touching mine.
267 · Oct 2014
Writings of Your Body
ck Oct 2014
I've gone dumb.
My body,
But I see your figure in the shadows.
I succumb.
You are so beautiful.
260 · Aug 2014
ck Aug 2014
the way
No where
to go
So I will turn around
and stay.
254 · Aug 2014
It's Always Sunny
ck Aug 2014

— The End —