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Civet Wright Aug 2021
I could be a serpent and whisper the sweetest lies to your ear
But instead I chose telling the truth even if it hurts
(I can’t get enough of you)
There might be something wrong with your **** robot

We smelt different things in the same air
Six hundred and sixty-six watts
(I wish you are the only one who can charge me)
Do you still want your deranged **** robot

I could be inflatable with your blow, bear
I know too well that I get on your ****
How come you never feel tired to play piggyback with your **** robot

Join me in this heavy rain, there
Shame on me for having human heart and can never hide my heat
(Will you come with me in a room without mirrors)
You just have to bear it like other many flaws of your **** robot

Maybe a robot doesn’t need a **** address with a voice that is higher
You should follow me to the pit
(Then push me up in every stage)
I want to be able to sing to my guitar and declare that I am your **** robot
Civet Wright Jan 2018
All the grotesque grottos sing
From the South to East of salt salt sea
I am a Hawk with my own soul see
Spatial Hawker Janitor Tamer thither me
Dawning bell glitching summon dample fy
Pro tuning aging murky compunctious twittering
Accursed blues strobing my army my mae ***** and
Set them free
Rodent Civet made Echo solidly
Civet Wright Jan 2018
Please don’t be allergic to this song
But your interruption of sound is the only thing I own

Every master piece I quote
All stars’ greatest tone
Won’t be worthwhile if I can’t make you a home
Kiss your velvety skin every dawn

Fly to me may wings grow on you my little goat
The only way to stop me pine for you my little goat
Sing to me when war machine is dying my little goat
The only way to stop me cry for you is to love this world
Civet Wright May 2017
I am a boy named Tony
My girlfriend's name is Beaty
She doesn't allow me to sing
She think my guitar playing has no feeling
I just want to write her love melody
If the world is not so ruined
My Beaty is a bit undereducated
I blame for her childhood and family
I will show her all the words with love and meaning
Until she become my favourite poet
Civet Wright Apr 2017
Why the Hell I have to be sadly horribly lonely sung a song not about you unaccompanied my **** metal baby ****? When we both can not be amused by eternal wisdom crystallization of every minimum substance's emotion break? I became my own wisperer, who shall never be anyone else's tool of *** and God.

I am going to open up before one's eyes the juke box of my love, by singing my false blues to all the inflatable dolls wah wah. Hit it honey play the rest of behalf, me!  6 notes rapidly with every snore piece let me be your eccentric fantasy. Come on keep pretending that you're just a poverty of thought. You ain’t gonna fool me my white cocoa weld me and wolf in the dark.
Civet Wright Apr 2017
After you crush and partook my humours
A feeling station has built for doomers
Named it after your dead corse cuticular
Opposite to their black church for stumer
Where Inferno requiem strum for whoever
All about our transgressions watched by zoomer

Nay alas thee sayeth, Nay alas thee sayeth
Nay alas thee sayeth, Nay alas thee sayeth
Nay alas thee sayeth, Nay alas thee sayeth

You play sympathy for the devil
So I am flibbertigibbet as usual
Whose birth was foretold
Who own merfolks griffon
Wherefore good well has burnt the evil
I want you best mine own old-old

Nay alas thee sayeth, Nay alas thee sayeth
Nay alas thee sayeth, Nay alas thee sayeth
Nay alas thee sayeth, Nay alas thee sayeth
Civet Wright Mar 2017
Mine own joybringer moon ambler
Mine own figure is thy company per purr
Thee madeth me a humour addeth loveth abler
Saveth thy ardor banter to me thy emotion banker
Beest mine own forever pricketh spur
Learning Shakespearean/Elizabethan English from a website called Lingojam:  
Please introduce me Shakespearean/Elizabethan English poem if you knew any thanketh thee so much.
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