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Travis used to pick up pebbles
Held them in his hand looking
For gold... Or crystal, smooth sides
Or even one with a strange color
He wanted to throw them upstream
So he could watch his collection
Bounce before it drowns
Now I've been collecting pebbles
Since he shot one bouncing farther
Than the heat could bend the light
I learned religion that day
I woulda started a church on the shore
Hiring monks to unravel the secrets
Of his backhand throw,
I mean if I could even pick up
The pebbles anymore without
Watching half drip through fingertips
Just to watch them drown, thudding
Into last years promises,
I swear if I had a pebble for every
Promise I made to my future,
I'd be forced to build a wall
Between me and every half-thrown
Analogy ripping your mind
Out of the moment and hello
This isn't a Poem, this is
Just words in a line and so if that
Interruption wasn't enough to
Send you                      Running
Then you're stronger than the people
Disappointed by my inattention to details
If I really had a pebble for every
Promise I've ever broken I'd do my best
To pile them up in such a way that the right
Light reflects my true intentions
That wall, is a scarf, to keep you warm
All the nights you had to cry yourself
To sleepless tossing when I should've been
There. To wipe away your tears and
I'm sorry.. But I'm gonna have to leave
You in that bed a few more times I still
Haven't learned how to count sheep
who can't jump over that wall we built
Adjustments to life's seat belt slaps
Can sometimes create a bumpy ride
So don't forget to strap in your
Neighbor before yourself, because
There may be some turbulence
So I **** well hope you don't say the word:


Or expect the fires of hades to
Come for your *** walking beside it
Barefoot and friendly, just askin
For a smile, but these days
We both know a smile is at a
Premium and lord knows the
Dollar don't go as far as
It used to.
  So roll every penny
And sleeve and keep
Notching your seatbelt,
You earned it kiddo,
Just don't go fallin asleep
At the wheel or you'll
Drift into cowfields and
Hay bales and maybe
See something beautiful
For once in your
Smog-filled, street-lickin' life.
relinquish your anguish
tearing fears of queers
from broken enigmas running
sideways through your flaccid fears
fears of being crushed
the life you live coming
will make you feel rushed
quicker than their needs
clutching to the new grounds
dreaming of distant horizons
burn the remnants bleeding
then all your old plush
can drag to the floor with
pearls, curls, swine before twirls
your life will never be some
toy in another mans flush
flicking twisted sheltered
enigmas into quickened glances
erupt, don't get taken
by your grandparents ideals
their luxuries and ***
blooms and brooms
a diamond-induced numb
the cure for AIDS isnt
in some gun-filled crumb
liquefied dollars injected
into magic johnsons thumb
ball your body into a swish
they send you to space
and backboard back for fun
but Koch wont let anyone
but themselvesilluminatirun
so you run, from
stairs getting taller
and eagles getting balder
until youre flat on sunken
ground dripping like larder
These broken lines clog my recycling bin and
here I am sorting through the rubble
You're feeding me overchewed gristle
remnants of dead sheep from tired centuries
Oh god! but that excited look on your face!
those creases on your eyes that shout
"I'm so ******* excited to feed you ****!"
But I'm fleeing from the table
shading my eyes from your blinding obsessions
My gut is trembling from a primal need
Give me fresh meat! let me sink my pointed teeth
they're being blunted on your gristle
I can't keep eating this ****
I'm choking on my *****.
Smelt your silver spoon and dig a grave
let's put that poor sheep to rest and
dance on the mound
Rain permeating my new expressions
Dropping your gold coins on the grave
I'm on to sow some beans.
Twist my arm and break my back,
let the salt and the brine Float into my senses
and the broken particulate spread into my toes.
Dig that oily mass into my flesh and deteriorate my cells
dissolve my ether
let the howl of your generators flush over the break of waves
and drill into my eardrums the winds of my mountain.
I just want your purple, smoky blues without
the greys and the sheen of oils on my skins
spread over my feathers
drowning me in my own element.
You're fire, metal
warped transitions of nature flexing your synthetic muscles in my face.
Sorry, bro, I'm just not into that.
Turn around,
take your auto-clogged
smelted bull to the sun and
incinerate yourself
I'm tired of your leering, thirsty eyes.
I'll give you water till you drown but
you'll still drink you greedy whale.
at least whales know how to keep the balance.
Something that stopped me in my tracks
was the weight of the air around me.
we're all sitting in traintracks on a baseball field
and we dont see the cars driving past
but we can **** well feel them
the balloon of pressure
air sprinting away from the grill of a two-ton hunk of metal
knocks you back just in time to get hit by the train you never saw coming.
jump off the tracks and dive into my opened chest
the sea is swelling and it will swallow you whole
You're just standin there.
You look stupid.
Wonderin' why..
Why, man?
be the tide and raise these storm waters until they crash your levies
leveling your time-built empire
your stockades made of billiard *****.
I don't expect you to read this and understand a word
I don't expect any miracles or revelations to come pouring
from your crystalline cranium
I just expect for my broken bones and shattered moans
to be audible to the naked ear
I don't want you to come crying to me
or even call me your knight in shining armour
all I ask is that you see you've always been the rider
and I'm just begging to be your ******* horse.

But you'll never see me for what I am.
that **** witch used your resonant frequency
and now youre in pieces
and your veil is sewn
you'll always see me in reflections of your past
goggles of your mother's addictions
but I swear I'm just sitting here holding out my open palm
even if all you see is my *******.

Man, I'll stitch up your torn up mainsails
if you'll be my captain
hell I'll even steer the boat if you want
but **** I cant work with you if youre sailing on the opposite ship
I mean come on
I'll let you sink those grappling hooks into the **** deck
swing an army of men onto my boards and beams
and you can take every rope, wheel, anchor, reel
I just ask that I get to be your prisoner
because GOD KNOWS thats all i'm good for anymore

but ill always be hereforyoui promise.
just ranting. dont look at the man behind the black lace ******* curtain
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