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Christina Rose Aug 2013
Do you see me, little child,
hiding underneath your bed?
My skin decaying, pulsing green,
my eyes scraped out, my lips bright red.

The light will not push me away,
as you dream of horror.
The blood and intestines of my prey,
mix in with other gore.

Rest your head on your soft white pillow,
now dripping red with death.
Your legs falling down from your bed
are warm with my hot breath.

Mommy comes in late at night,
for she had heard you cry.
But did she know, little one,
that she was the next to die?

Your bed is my holding place,
full of guts and bones.
The sound that lures to your sleep,
is my victims' screams and moans.

My hands have turned to bony claws
that run down your innocent face.
I will make your ****** sweet,
and I will not leave a trace.

I'll chain you up, and lock you up
in a cage just for you,
as you sleep and dream of me,
and the horrible things I'll do.

So go to sleep, my little child,
and of pleasant things you'll dream,
for that's the last thing you will do,
before you give your final scream.
Christina Rose Aug 2013
Pain sing me to sleep
Let me hear that bittersweet lullaby
Let it run through me.
Let it sweep me off of my feet
And take me away
From here

The most beautiful thing I could ask for
A simple continuous string of blood
Sing me your lullaby
Bring me your comfort, friend
You are the one that I control
You are the one that always shows
Christina Rose Aug 2013
One night my brain will just go to sleep
And from my past, there won't be a peep
Just a soft and simple lullaby
To ease me gently in to the night

One night I will not have these dreams
And behind my eyes I won't see these things
I'll just sigh and sink and drift
In to a dream of seas and ships

One night the dark won't come for me
Won't creep quietly in, but let me be
My bed will be a place of peace
And maybe then I'll get a decent sleep
Christina Rose Aug 2013
I like not speaking for a while—
Just serene silence in my room

A quiet so present you can feel it in the air
Hear the slow hum of nothingness—
Christina Rose Aug 2013
She's broken now
Shattered like porcelain

A doll in the real world
That bled like something real

— The End —