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I was the tides and you were the moon,
                             you brought me too close all too soon

and just like the tides all I can feel is the cold
                             we suddenly came crashing to a unfortunate halt.

You shouldn't have said you revolve round another
                             my voice sounds so dull when before it was thunder

if these words were lies I would surely paint them white
                             because honestly baby, I just don't wanna fight.

So please won't you stop rubbing salt in my wounds?
                             I wish what we had could again be resumed

however you are the moon and no doubt you'll move on
                             I barely even had you and you're already gone.

So your words are like anchors and I'm helplessly drowning
                            my heart was so strong but you stopped its pounding.
spoiler: the tides are me, and i'm paralysed without the moon.
 Nov 2014 Christina Rose
capsized beating purple algorithm
for a heart,
cross-nit aspirations
still taste dirt on my teeth,
the mission creep of eager eyed poets,
carry a briefcase with my levi's --
close cut cigarette encounters,
all brick shantytown of a friendship
them lovelies run on endless,
it's starting to get cold outside.

restless sprites circle our *****
exhaling greek mythopoeics
every sure footed step.
alcoholism echoes in my skin
a depth charge i cannot cut out,
we all have broken thoughts here,
all have blind spots in our stomachs,
they read like a preacher's insecurities:
burly things we warm ourselves with,
the winters sting bitter.

something is wrong with me,
sinkhole of ambition and honey kisses,
all the great thinkers **** themselves,
it's the staunch lack of spotlight,
way the earth drips lackadaisical-like
we just call it a perfect orbit.
shake my hand and feel a goldilocks pulse
anemic shards of a cornered animal,
we cut right
to the bone
here, or so we tell ourselves.

and love is always the answer?
that sure footed toothy angel
so beautiful, it couldn't just be our
churlish blood,
frothing and calming,
frothing and calming,
electrons rise and fall to create light,
they still circle an untapped atrocity
like this, like it must be
or something close. something
stopping them from running, free
from bonds ionic or otherwise,
bare feet
beating the pavement until there are
no more stones to throw.

firstborns of the universe,
each star is a setting sun,
blinks staggered,
still grew us up quicker than most,
there is no aphrodisiac like heliocentrism.

them bones cut good
doped up on oxytocin,
those empty thoughts still rattling,
dig sharp -- then nice and numb.

and we cutthroat and glossy,
sharper than ever.

walk outside
smoke a cigarette
know how much you love her,
look at the stars --

it's ******* beautiful isn't it
I can't come to rest my sorrow
On the crutches of religion
But instead believe
In total oblivion

No pearly gates
No heavenly music
Just utter nothingness
And that oddly comforts me

No restrictions on this short life
No Almighty God to obey
Instead just simply live
Just how you want
 Nov 2014 Christina Rose
What is our generation but a burning out cigarette
Half lit in the dark
our only lighter is the fainting spark in our hearts
Parts of our body degrading
Yet some how, something is preventing us from fading away
No matter how many times I plead
The notion of love wouldnt stay
A pastor from a foreign religion told me to pray
I couldn't say that the holiness has long left me
The sweet sensations of sin now caress me
I travelled through the twisted land of my own cravings
seeing painting of others
Brothers who died fighting, Mothers who tried to raise their kids
and here I am staring straight into the abyss of my own mind
trying to find some sort of bliss that will bring peace
Yet I have no shrine to kneel down to
No prophet to follow
I feel hollow, As I light my cigarette
With the fading spark of hope in my heart.
It doesn't creep around slowly.
Everything is fine one moment,
the next it isn't.
It hits like a bus
when your back is turned.
you know  just before
that something's wrong

and then,
it hits
a punch to the gut
tearing open the hole
you thought was closed
ripping it's edges larger
and larger
with each passing second

screaming isn't an option.
it never has been.
you just deal with it
breathing a little to fast,
trying to rip your thoughts away
but being dragged back in
****** in
until its all you can think about .

Most of the time people don't notice
you almost wish they would.
but when they do notice
it's even worse.

Sometimes it doesn't bother you
Often, though, it does.
When it does

Its a fear
worse than death.
60% of the time things don't trigger me anymore
but once they do it's like they never stopped
 Nov 2014 Christina Rose
Peter B
They're all kinds of Phobias out there
It's here it's there it's everywhere
Some look around and feel they're being chased
But as it turns out, just isn't the case
Some are afraid of heights
So stay away from airplane flights
Some are afraid of the dark
So don't get caught in "Central Park"
Some are afraid of the number thirteen
So don't get caught in-between
Some have a fear of dying
So there's no use in crying
Some have a fear of cats
Or ***** old rats
Time to break out the baseball bats!
This one had 36 reviews and 2 ribbons on another site plus a banner!
88 views so it was popular 15 lines of rhyme and you can't cover every Phobia so this would need seqels as well!
There was once a little girl
Left alone in the world
Swept away in the tides of life
She sank
To the bottom of the saltiest sea
Kissing forever with the soles of her feet
She was not afraid
But at peace
For cradled in the arms of eternity
She found herself
And knew where she had to begin
She learned what so few of us learn
That the only way out is within
i give up on letting people save me.
i'm going to drown.
i'll be the damsel
and i'll be my own hero.

the only way to free yourself
is to let loose every dream and hope.
other people will just bring you pain.

i'm going to live in the ocean.
breathe the ocean air.
let the ocean swallow me up like my feelings.
(there is an ocean of opportunities somewhere out there)
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