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Chrissy Nov 2010
as beautiful as beauty goes
i want things that you don't know
shed off your skin, show off your art
for all i want is to go straight to the heart.
the outside does not interest me
it's the inside that i need
you are what i will live on; where i will feed.
i will start with your brain
and feed on your wit
all of your ignorance though, that i shall spit
next is your blood
the very that rushed when you set eyes on me
sorry, those memories are no longer yours to see.
the final destination is your heart
as i sink my teeth in, you will slowly disappear...

thank you for the meal, goodbye my dear.
Chrissy Feb 2010
Do you even know
what beauty is?
Beauty is
jawlines, cheekbones
shoulder blades, spines
hipbones and fingertips
Beauty is
everything that can
be broken
Beauty is
when your lips are bruised
your eye is swollen
your skin is dry and
Beauty is
someone that can
make you squirm
they are just skin and bones
yet there is something
hauntingly lovely
about them.
Chrissy Feb 2010
Poor little Ben sits alone
With shivering bones and ribs of stone
His lungs have caved in and he can hardly breathe
Poor little Ben is in desperate need
No one is there as he gasps for air
No one is there as he lives this nightmare
Poor little Ben was never understood
He drowned in his blood instead of swimming like he should
His soul is tortured while his body is dead
Poor little Ben
He's just a skeleton with a heart that's been shed
Chrissy Feb 2010
It's 1 AM and I can't sleep
My eyes shut tight I just can't keep
Thoughts of you splatter my vision
Looks like once again I'm backtracking my decision
Why can't I stay away from you
That's like asking why is one plus one two
I can't stop thinking about the love you give
How I'd fall to pieces because without it I can't live
You know how to make me crave you in every way
I wish you'd stop playing with me, I want a say
But this twisted love, it will never stop
You'll stay until you **** me, until you make my heart pop
Now it's 2 AM and I should go to bed
Goodnight, I'll be dreaming about everything you've said.
Chrissy Feb 2010
then you
grabbed my waist
to yours
and entangled me
in that
unsatisfied hunger
that i wish
you didn't need.
Chrissy Feb 2010
you are the result
of hollow hearts and dried bones
that now linger in me
Chrissy Feb 2010
you made my
heart flip tummy flutter eyes brighten lips widen hands weaken

your sweet, heavy breath still lingers on my neck


you made me wanna
jump up twirl around dance fast skip quickly scream loud fly away

the warmth of your lips still gives me a rush


you made me feel
lovely happy sweet fresh bright cute silly kind beautiful wanted loved

i can still hear your whispers that tickled my ear


why can't i just forget?

because you told me not to when i left.
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