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Chokatha Sep 2015
We will arise
and rub our eyes clean
from dreaming

Reset our minds
with narrowed sight,
barely seeing

Vampireish pale
We seize the night
Defy the sunrise

Hold on tight
Endure the day
Revive in the evening
Chokatha Sep 2015
Wrapped in a blanket
all astounded
I stare
into a room
about the size
the Amazon

The door is open
and yet I linger on the handle
Chokatha Sep 2015
I was born by a lioness
on a bed of moss
in the wilderness
she sang to me

When the day has come
for my wings to unfold
and for me to fly,
don't forget to sing to me
Chokatha Sep 2015
For a while now I've sensed it coming
Like a melody in the whispering of a breeze
I'm getting ready now
to grab a hold of it,
put my body and mind at ease
Let it carry me over the mountains,
through the woodland,
onto the fields

Here we go,
whirling around and around and around
Chokatha Sep 2015
She flies on a thought in the absence of wind
with pieces of fabric for wings
Her friends on the ground can't help but to stare
  "Look at that!"
  "Look at her!" They shout out of joy
She flies
She flies
She flies

— The End —