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Chloe-123-x Oct 2015

Tie the noose and kick the chair
Take your final breath of air
Open the bottle and down the pills
Cry and gasp and then fall still
Write the note to see if they care
Then go jump down a flight of stairs
You're pathetic and worthless
You'll never do well
You're wasting our air
I hope you rot in hell.
Hi, no I'm not directing this at anyone!!!!!! this is a poem explaining/showing what I've been told by people/thoughts. Just to clarify. :)
Chloe-123-x Sep 2015
This little voice in my head
A secret whisper of poisons
Makes me wish I was dead

This little voice in my head
Tells me to jump off a bridge
Reminds me that I won't be missed

This little voice in my head
It just won't shut up
It haunts me day and night
Tries to control my life

This little voice in my head
Is not so little anymore
It's slowly overtaking me
Killing me and consuming my all.
Chloe-123-x Aug 2015
Writing notes makes me feel better
Because if I die i know there'll be a letter
Explaining all my thoughts and feelings
I couldn't tell you whilst I was breathing.
They're therapeutic.
Just One

I wonder what it would be like
to tip over backwards
off a high place
a puppet with all its strings cut
to feel your body twirling, twisting, dropping
falling out into space

for one sweet moment

I wonder what it would be like
to drag a knife
over warm skin
a paper man with ripped edges
to feel your pain itching, bubbling, growing
washing away your sin

for one sweet moment

I wonder what it would be like
to sink deeper and deeper
into pools of blue
a burden too heavy to bear
to feel your lungs searching, gasping, screaming
your veins bleeding through

for one sweet moment

I wonder what it would be like
to swallow a bottle filled
with relief
a closed window forced open
to feel your mind whirling, struggling, fading
a needed respite from grief

for one sweet moment

But I do remember what it was like
to be filled
with unmatched hope
a lit match beneath an active volcano
to have felt my heart flutter, calm, and break
unable to cope
as thunder rained from skies above
for I have endured the worst of all
I have fallen in love
and what's more
I came back alive

And though it did not last for long
you don't need many moments to be free
**Just one.
Chloe-123-x Aug 2015
I blink the tears away
As I lie to you, "I'm okay,"
But I'm not
I'm dying inside
Giving up on this fight.
Chloe-123-x Jul 2015
I'm exhausted
I'm numb
I feel guilty for what I've done

I'm horrible
I'm mean
I don't deserve to follow my dreams  

I give up
I'm done
It'll be over when you pass me the gun.
Chloe-123-x Jul 2015
A bittersweet ending to the pain
If a suicide it induces shame
But it's an escape I'll never face again
So why don't I just put a bullet through my head?
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