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chillvibes Mar 2015
date me
bring me home to your mom and dad
let them talk about me when i go to the bathroom
nonchalantly tell your friends how you can't stop thinking about me
but make it seem like you aren't really shook by your feelings
write it down
write down how you feel
tell me how you feel
be honest with me
make it hurt
let me in
bring me there
show your brother pictures of me to see if he approves
even though you don't really care if he does or doesn't
just ******* give me a real chance
come sleep in my bed and kiss my neck
and when i start to cry becaue i am emotionally overwhelmed
by how much i feel for you
just tell me you'll ******* stay
this made me think of my girlfriend, i thought i'd post it
chillvibes Jun 2014
They say that poems
are made to touch
the places your
hands can't reach
and well i guess that
makes your smile a
chillvibes Jun 2014
You had me at a point where I would’ve left the entire world behind for you.
chillvibes Jun 2014
i wanna be that person
you call at 3am
because you can't sleep.
i wanna be that person
that's always happy
because of you
i wanna be that person
that you come to
no matter what
i wanna be the person
you last think about
when you go to sleep
i wanna be that person
i wanna be your everything
chillvibes Jun 2014
The hardest part
Of saying goodbye
to someone
Is saying goodbye
To the memories
Forgetting the memories
That made you
The happiest person
In the world

— The End —