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 Oct 2015 chillvibes
Eiliv Advena
What I can feel
I've never felt before
This burning desire
I just can't ignore

It must be a spell
Cast from hell
What else could this be
Who has taken hold of me

This evil temptation
I cannot resist
You must truly be
The most evil witch

Your enchanting eyes
And irresistible lips
That dark blonde hair
And those beautiful hips

But I have to resist
I have to be strong
Before I do something terribly wrong
With your every smile
There's those wrinkles by your eye
And on your stubby cheeks
A dimple on each side
How I wish you would smile for me
Just this one last time
because we

but I can
still feel
your kiss
my lips
 Jun 2014 chillvibes
Liz Delgado
I've spent restless nights writing poems to and about you with heavy eyelids; poems you'll never read, poems I'll never have the guts to let you read, poems you'll never even know about.
I've described every single part, perk, quality of you with the most beautiful words I can find in the dictionary because you don't deserve simple, ordinary words.
Even your flaws are beautiful.
And still, I cannot string any of the million words in any language together to describe you or my love for you perfectly.
And I write about you like you sank your paintbrush in a cup of universe and created hundreds of galaxies; like you placed the stars in the sky, neatly arranged them into beautiful constellations.
Here is yet another poem for and about you, written with eyelids as  heavy as the ocean at 3:36 in the morning, after deciding there was no way I could sleep as my mind was still awake and thinking about you- as always.
I hope you went to sleep thinking about me.
 Jun 2014 chillvibes
I can’t shake this feeling like I’m a bother to be around.

Not important enough for someone to muster up a conversation with first

Not important enough to wait for

Not good enough to be the first option or best friend 

Not good enough to please anyone

Not worth much at all.

I’m so deep under this depression and I’m not sure how to get out
 Jun 2014 chillvibes
Fuji Bear
Humans are by nature
unappeasable  no matter their behavior.
As a conformist
We threaten outsiders,
Yet long to be our own person.
And individuality is no better,
We long for acceptance of
The group we once called home.
That is the nature of humans,
We viscously treat
those that are not like us.
Its no wonder so few are happy
with such constant inner confliction.
Because the human mind is
a kingdom ruled by two fears,
Fear of the unknown,
And Fear of rejection.
 Jun 2014 chillvibes
Babu kandula
Tring tring
My phone rings
Me: Hello, who is on the line.
Nature: Hello, this is Nature.
Me: tell me what can I do for you?
Nature: I am nature. I want my life.
Me: what you want?
Nature: I am losing my property. With which I lived so far.
Me: what are your properties?
Nature: My trees my plants and they are my life
Now I understood it's a "Nature Call" real Nature. Not a guy with a name "Nature".
The way we are cutting down trees
Made me think
And this lead to Global warming
A thought of Global warming made me think in this way.
I am so sick of falling short of your expectations.
You look at me and expect me to be the one you want.
I am me.
If I am not the one you want then go,
because I shall never be she.
Go. Go, because you will never be what I need.
You will never be he.
He is kind, smart, and values me.
He is no one I know,
and certainly not you.
Go, because I am telling you so.
Take your **** with you.
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